Ergonomic Gloves

The Decade ergonomic fit system hazard-specific gloves from Chase Ergonomics feature relaxed, pre-curve tailoring and sidewall insets to allow the hand to curve into an ergonomically correct position when gripping tools. The gloves offer a pictograph plan identifying 14 features, including cut, abrasion, tear, puncture, wind, water and cold resistance, as well as ANSI-compliant vibration damping. Nine sizes ensure a better fit and reduce blousing, bunching and twisting. Chase Ergonomics
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Task Chair

The Liberty chair features a tri-panel mesh backrest with self-adjusting lumbar support and counter-balance recline to provide superior ergonomic performance without numerous knobs and manual adjustments. This permits comfortable, regular shifts in upper body weight and reduces spinal disc pressure and associated long-term health risks. For added support, Liberty's armrests are attached to the backrest to move with the body as the user reclines, ensuring complete upper body support throughout the day. The chair weighs only 27 pounds and is made from 54 percent recycled materials and is 95 percent recyclable. Humanscale
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Ergonomic Knife

The MegaSafe knife from Martor features an ergonomic aluminum handle with thumb sliders on both sides to make the knife accessible for both right- and left-handed users. The knife's mechanism automatically returns the blade to the safe position upon leaving the material being cut, regardless of the slider position and no matter how far the blade has been extended. Martor USA
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