Ergonomic Work Insole

These new Sorbothane Ultra Work/Sport performance insoles are ergonomically designed to provide more cushioned support and shock-absorbing comfort. Sorbothane insoles absorb up to 94.7 percent of impact shock and retain their orthotic benefits month after month to help relieve pain in the feet, knees and lower back. These versatile, lightweight and antifungal replacement insoles provide arch support, comfort and shock protection. Sorbothane
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Ergonomic Lifting Device

Handi-Straps is a simple device consisting of an over-the-shoulder strap that connects to the wrists, transferring and evenly distributing the weight of a load from the hands to the shoulder area and the entire upper back. Handi-Straps enables the upper body to maintain a straight posture while lifting and can make loads feel up to 50 percent lighter. The hand loops feature extended, rubberized straps designed to secure objects to the hand with greatly reduced strain for the fingers, hands and wrists. Handi-Straps provides a safer, ergonomically friendly way to lift heavy objects. RJL Innovations
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Electric Work Counter

This new electric work counter for Remstar Mediastation electrical lateral filing systems adjusts to the operator's individual height to make files or other item easily accessible. With a simple push of a button, the work counter can be lowered to a sitting position at 29.5 inches, raised to a standing position at 39.3 inches or moved anywhere in between. The counter eliminates bad posture and poor ergonomic conditions; minimizes the bending, reaching and lifting that reduces picking efficiency and leads to on-the-job injuries; and increases productivity. Remstar
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Vacuum Tube Lifter

This ergonomic Anver VT140 vacuum tube lifter eliminates manual lifting when loading and unloading shrink-wrapped canned goods and similar products. It has an extended handle with adjustable up/down controls and features a suction pad attachment with dual foam sealing rings to securely lift loads up to 125 lbs. The lifter is constructed of stainless steel with plastic or stainless steel housing. It swivels 360 degrees under the vacuum and is designed for continuous operation. Anver Corp.
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Ergonomic Tool

The BackSaver Grip is a simple attachment that allows long-handled tools to be gripped higher on the shaft so users can work standing up straight to avoid bending and back strain. It allows the legs to take the burden of work activities instead of the back and provides a more comfortable working position for the wrist and arm. The detachable grip fits shovels, rakes, mops, push brooms and other long-handled tools to create safer and more ergonomic working conditions. Mercantile Buyer's Service Inc.
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