Fire Protection & Emergency Response

Navigation Tool

Onyx Firstvision is a navigation tool that helps firefighters and emergency responders save lives and reduce property loss by quickly locating the source of a fire and its migration. The tool's interactive touch-screen display also summarizes building floor plans, including the location of all fire alarm devices, water supplies, evacuation routes, access routes, fire barriers, gas, power and HVAC shutoffs and chemical and structural hazards in the building. The system is easy to use and requires no special training. Notifier
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Fire Alarm Control Panel

The upgraded IntelliKnight 5820XL fire alarm control panel includes a USB port to increase compatibility with laptop computers and now uploads and downloads five times faster. The panel also has the increased power supply of six amps and offers programming capability from the on-board user interface or programming software. The system complies with UL 9th Edition requirements and features battery charging circuit integrity testing; standard wiring; a built-in digital communicator; and the capacity to perform drift compensation. Silent Knight
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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

The Sperian Warrior is a new and safer SCBA that provides firefighers with greater maneuverability. The hinged swivel and pivot mechanism adapts to each user's individual body contour and body size. Compared to a rigid frame, the Warrior offers firefighters a 20 percent increase in hip flexion when crawling, and up to 30 percent greater trunk mobility when bending over. The sleek design features a first stage regulator, a central power source, PASS audible and visual alarms and low air and battery alarms. The Warrior meets and surpasses new NFPA standards. Sperian Fire, a division of Sperian Protection
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