First Aid


LIFE's OxygenPac provides emergency oxygen until medical help arrives. It is an inhalator for a breathing victim and a CPR resuscitator adjunct for a non-breathing victim. The OxygenPac offers oxygen-enriched mouth-to-mask resuscitation with a hygienic, one-way valve. The portable unit has a handle, comes in a durable case with a clear cover and hangs on the wall with other first aid supplies. The mask universally fits both adults and children and operates on a low-cost, refillable, non-prescription, 90-minute supply. LIFE Corp.
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Emergency Instruction Refresher

This portable, bilingual, interactive electronic safety refresher provides a reliable and convenient way to reinforce emergency response knowledge and skills. The device delivers verbal and intelligent instructions in an innovative approach to help lay responders retain and access critical information. Users answer the SafetyMate's yes/no questions and are reminded which first aid steps they should take, and in what order. Instructions are derived from the most current American Heart Association and ECC guidelines. The kit includes four rechargeable batteries, a wall-mount charging cradle and an AC adapter. SafetyMate Corp.
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First Aid Training Resources

Medic First Aid provides innovative emergency care training with a proven process and award-winning programs and products. Student packs now include an access code for Medic LearningLinks, allowing students to register to receive brief, web-based segments on a quarterly basis. These resources help students review emergency care topics covered during class and retain their readiness to respond to an illness, injury or medical emergency. Medic First Aid
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Burn Dressings and Blankets

Water-Jel sterile burn dressings and blankets are effective, versatile, FDA-approved medical devices for treating burns in the pre-hospital setting. These products are consistent with both wet and dry burn treatment protocols since they stop the burning process and do not contribute to hypothermia or interfere with debridement. Water-Jel offers a free monograph on pre-hospital burn treatment.
Water-Jel Technologies
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Cold and Flu Tablets

ZEE tablets provide non-drowsy relief for a variety of cold and flu symptoms to keep employees focused and productive. Providing workers with over-the-counter medication can prevent employees with minor symptoms from going home and helps employees feel better, remain productive and work safer. Zee tablets come in single-dose packets; are FDA-compliant; and are specially designed for the workforce. A variety of medications are available, including decongestants, allergy relief, cough drops, pain relievers and more. ZEE
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Burn Treatment Gel

This calcium gluconate gel is an effective 2.5 percent topical solution used for hydrofluoric acid burns to the body. Using Calgonate immediately can reduce burn damage to bone and deep tissue and helps relief pain almost instantly. No mixing is necessary, and the gel comes ready to use in an easy-to-carry, pocket-sized 25g tube. Pharmascience Inc.
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