Wash-Water Treatment System

The CLPB series is the first wash-water treatment system to integrate mechanical filtration and bioremediation. Integration of the two technologies eliminates need for chlorine to sanitize waste stream. The two technologies work together to treat emulsified oils and suspended solids such as clay or silt. Proprietary BioStax microbes, along with a time-sequenced aeration of bacteria, control odor and create degradation of total petroleum hydrocarbons, fuels, benzenes, oils and grease.

Water Maze,
Camas, Wash.

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Pre-Consumer Recycled Bulk Containers

Ship Shape bulk containers now are available in a choice of 100 percent recycled plastic material, in virgin or in a blend of both. Bulk forklift containers feature top-quality polyethylene regrind processed on site from the manufacturer's own excess material with minimal heat history to deliver strength and rigidity comparable to virgin in a 100 percent preconsumer recycled material. Containers may be tasked with virtually all of the same dry-handling applications as original line of containers with payloads up to 600 lbs.

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.,
Ashtabula, Ohio
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Hydraulic Launch-Assist Hybrid Vehicle

Ideal for vocational stop-and-go refuse applications, the Model 320 hydraulic launch-assist (HLA) hybrid vehicle offers the potential to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and reduce maintenance service. HLA technology recovers up to 75 percent of the energy normally lost as heat by the vehicle's brakes in the form of pressurized hydraulic fluid. Fluid is stored in an onboard accumulator until the driver accelerates the vehicle.

Peterbilt Motors Co.,a div. of PACCAR Inc.,
Denton, Texas
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Recycled-Content Trash Bags

ReClaim-brand and private-label trash bags are the first and only trash bags to achieve third-party certification from Scientific Certification Systems for state-of-the-art recycled content, according to the manufacturer. ReClaim bags and private-label recycled-content trash bags contain 75 percent recycled content, including at least 10 percent postconsumer material. All packaging contains 100-percent-certified recycled paperboard.

Webster Industries,
Peabody, Mass.
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Biometric Terminals

Biometric HandPunch time and attendance terminals help conserve natural resources by using a person's hand as his or her timecard. No paper, wood, chemicals or water are needed to produce paper timecards, which typically are discarded after 1 week of use. HandPunch terminals ensure that employees earn a day's pay only when they are present to do a day's work. Identities are verified in less than 1 second, making it quick and easy for employees to punch in and out.

Schlage, a div. of Ingersoll
Rand Security Technologies,
Campbell, Calif.
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A special selection of “green-friendly” products appearing in New Equipment Digest, Government Product News and Occupational Hazards

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