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Hazardous Materials Storage

4-Hour Fire-Rated Containment

The SUPERloc hazardous material storage building manufactured by U.S. Chemical Storage offers 4-hour fire-rated, FM-approved storage of flammables and combustibles near or within an existing facility. SUPERloc's wall construction consists of multiple layers of UL-classified, fire-resistant wallboard encased within heavy-gauge steel that is free from rough edges, kinks and sharp bends. Many sizes, options and accessories are available.
U.S. Chemical Storage
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HazMat Stations

The new XT HazMat Stations from Denios provide secured, exterior storage for hazardous chemicals. XT HazMat Stations are available in two- and four-drum models and feature added headroom, allowing users to attach drum pumps for dispensing. The station is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and easily can be relocated via a forklift. It provides a spill-compliant sump to capture any drum leaks or spills. Lockable, full-face, hinged doors enhance access, allowing forklifts to load and unload palletized drums.
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Containment System

FPI's DOCS (Drive On/Off Containment System) is a relocatable secondary containment product line that can be used as a wash rack, loading/unloading rack, decontamination station, refueling station, fueling pod or transfer station. DOCS incorporates a point-source-control with a third-party-tested filtration system and complies with EPA and OSHA regulations for secondary containment. No add-on oil-water separator system is needed.
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Safety Cabinets

These storage cabinets from Justrite can safely store flammable, combustible or corrosive liquids; pesticides and insecticides; or hazardous waste materials. Cabinet sizes range from 4 to 120 gallons to serve both immediate and large-quantity storage. Justrite cabinets feature easy-close, self-latching doors; durable and chemical-resistant, lead-free powder coat paint finish; handles that do not require manual rotation; exclusive spill-catcher shelves; and heavy-gauge galvanized steel ribbed for extra strength. The cabinets are third-party tested and built to OSHA and NFPA standards.
Justrite Mfg.
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Bulk Powder Containment

This chemical transfer station from Flow Sciences Inc. reduces workers' exposure to hazardous substances as they weigh and dispense solids and liquids in pharmaceutical industries. The integrated workstation features a gloved, flexible enclosure; drum lift technologies; and an enclosure for improved powder containment. The chemical transfer station minimizes product loss while ensuring operator safety.
Flow Sciences Inc.
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Collapsible Bladder Tank

This 500-gallon, collapsible bladder tank from Interstate Products can be used to store chemicals, waste water and fuels, while a separate berm can provide secondary containment of hazardous waste materials. The durable bladder tanks are available in sizes from 100- to 150,000-gallon capacities and offer a 5-year warranty on seams and workmanship. Berms carry a 7-year warranty and are available in various configurations up to 100-by-50 feet, with wall heights sized according to the required containment capacity. Tanks and bladders can be customized to address specific requirements.
Interstate Products Inc.
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