Head Protection

Blasting Helmet

The new Allegro Astro blasting helmet features an abrasion-resistant, polyethylene helmet shell and is built to last in rugged environments. The replaceable cape-cover band seals the top of the nylon cape to prevent abrasives from entering, while a soft, inner collar provides a comfortable seal around the neck. The sturdy visor frame with molded hinge keeps the lens securely in place, and the high-strength visor strap is easy to use even with blasting gloves. The Astro sits comfortably on the head with a removable, hard-hat type suspension that allows hassle-free adjustment, replacement and cleaning. Additional features include a distortion-free lens, a flexible breathing tube and a sound-dampening system. Allegro
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Welding Helmets

The Python Auto-Darkening welding helmet from ArcOne features new Comfa-Gear headgear to offer welders function, performance and style. The helmets feature three auto-darkening filters; sensitivity to 5 amps TIG; functions for grinding; numerous delay modes; three viewing areas; and numerous decals and painted finishes. The Comfa-Gear headgear is made from two-piece construction that is soft on the forehead. This headgear features adjustable forward and back positioning and lower support for the back of the head. It also is angled in the front for maximum comfort. ArcOne
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High-Heat Hard Hat

These Bullard hats and caps feature technologically advanced thermoplastic to meet the demands of high-heat environments. Models 911C and 911H are available with either a six-point self-sizing or Sure-Lock ratchet suspension system. Both systems allow for a customized, comfortable fit with 1-inch-wide nylon straps, vertical adjustment keys and an absorbent brow pad. These hard hats are ideal for utilities, welding, foundry and steel mill workers, and are constructed from the same materials as Bullard's rugged firefighter helmets. Bullard
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Cooling Hat and Neckshade

Ergodyne's Chill-Its line includes a high performance hat with neckshade to keep workers cool. This machine-washable garment can comfortably be worn under hats and features Hi Cool moisture-management performance fabric to move moisture away from the skin. Additional features include an absorbent terry headband; wide-panel neck protection; and high-visibility lime or orange colors for added safety. Ergodyne
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Hard Hat Liners

These WindGard liners fit snugly over hard hats to prevent wind from tunneling through to protect the forehead and ears in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F. The polyester construction traps warmth inside and prevents moisture buildup. The liners are treated with a flame retardant so they will not burst into flames even if they make direct contact with a high heat source. Each liner weighs less than 1 pound and is comfortable to wear all day long. New Pig Corp.
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