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Safeguarding Seminar

Are your machines operator-safe? Do your metal fabricating and turning machines comply with OSHA and ANSI standards? If you are not certain or you want to know the numerous ways to safeguard a metal fabricating machine, then the Rockford System's machine safeguarding seminar is for you. Rockford Systems offers a new, monthly, 2 ½-day machine-safeguarding seminar on how to safeguard point-of-operation hazards on all types of metal fabricating machines. This seminar provides detailed interpretations of current OSHA and ANSI standards. Rockford Systems
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PVC Palm Coated Glove

NorthFlex NF11 by North Safety Products is the latest general purpose, palm-coated work glove. A form-fitting, seamless-knit, red nylon shell coated with a flexible, black-foamed PVC coating offers superior comfort, fit, dexterity, tactility, abrasion resistance and grip — even on wet surfaces. Inherently shock and vibration absorbing, NF11 buffers the wearer's hands from demanding tool handling applications. North Safety Products
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Flexibility in Gas Detection

Scott Health & Safety has introduced the new 7200 Plus Two-Channel Universal Controller, which is rated for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. The 7200 Plus Controller is suited for critical, multi-point monitoring situations in facilities such as water and waste water treatment plants, industrial laboratories, pulp and paper facilities and oil and gas production plants and refineries. Scott Health & Safety
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Class II Vest Protective Clothing

MCR Safety's Luminator series of safety vests provides high visibility and are ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class II, Level 2 reflective material compliant. A favorite of utility contractors, the dielectric, mesh back Luminator vest CL2OC includes features such as a 2-inch silver stripe, nylon zipper solid front closure, six pockets and sizing up to 4X. Other popular construction, emergency response and utility industries hi visibility vest options include the Luminator style WCCL2LA series, which features Velcro adjustable side straps with reflective stripes. Construction includes mesh polyester vest with 2" silver stripe centered over 3-inch orange stripe, a Velcro front closure and soft polyester black binding on fluorescent lime background for additional contrast and maximum visibility. MCR Safety
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Burning Freedom Hard Hat

These full graphic hard hats by Fibre-Metal express patriotism with attitude and feature a highly detailed, decorative graphic that will not chip, fade nor peel. Supereight eight-point suspension caps feature the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, head protection system available. Fibre-Metal ships their hardhats fully assembled. Firbre-Metal, a North Safety Products brand
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Impact Protection and Style

Gateway Safety Inc.'s new 4×4 brand of safety glasses offer a rugged, yet stylish design that's available in several different lens and frame options. A sturdy four-sided frame provides lightweight and durable protection with exceptional comfort. The wrap-around frame supports the scratch-resistant, dual polycarbonate lenses and features a soft, inset nose piece for additional comfort and a snug fit. Gateway Safety Inc.
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Ergonomic Floor Matting

Superior Manufacturing Group introduces Diamond Flex-Lok, a unique matting system developed with the safety and comfort of employees in mind. Diamond Flex-Lok combines the durability and toughness of an industrial safety mat with true ergonomic support. The ergonomic properties are the result of a multi-tiered footing design that elevates the mat off the floor, creating air pockets that allow the mat to actually flex with the weight of the worker. The matting is made from a tough PVC compound that offers the highest resistance to industrial chemicals, oils and greases, and large-hole perforations allow for easy drainage and removal of debris. Superior Manufacturing Group
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Test System for Orion plus

The Galaxy Automated Test System features versatility and ease of use, making it a great choice for managing your Orion plus Multigas Detector and other MSA gas detection equipment. It operates automatically, and requires minimal user training, as all gas tubing and electrical connections are pre-connected. This unit is a bump-tester, calibration station and asset management system rolled into one. MSA
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Field ICP Array Microphone

PCB Piezotronics has debuted Model 130D22, a combined ICP free field response pre-polarized array microphone and preamplifier. The microphone is designed for measuring sound pressure levels and frequencies in the audible range, and can be used simultaneously with ICP accelerometers to simplify test setups. Model 130D22 also incorporates a SMB connector, which is easy to assemble, provides seamless transition for many data acquisition systems and software set-ups and saves time when connecting multiple units, such as in a large channel array setup. PCB Piezotronics
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Lockout/Tagout Organizers

Modular lockout/tagout organizers from Master Lock include a lightweight safety lockout carrying case with modular, translucent storage compartments for improved organization and fast component selection. Group kits are for multiple workers; padlocks are supplied keyed-different to prevent unwanted key interchange. Master Lock
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Calibration Gas Cylinder

ecosmart from Gasco Affiliates is a 116-liter refillable, portable calibration gas cylinder that holds both pure and mixed gases. While ecosmart is the same size as 58-liter disposable cylinders, it carries 100 percent more calibration gas, reducing end-user costs, disposal fees and regulatory paperwork. The cylinder remains lightweight and fits into the standard carrying case. Gasco Affiliates LLC
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Hydraulic Lift Safety Device

The GraVloc hydraulic tilt switch is designed to prevent forklifts, cherry pickers and other off-highway hydraulic lift equipment from tipping over on static lifts. The GraVloc tilt switch shuts off the equipment's lifting mechanism when a dangerous load tilt occurs, removing the decision from the operator. The switch disables the lifting ability while allowing the operator to safely put the load to rest. The GraVloc tilt switch only will allow the equipment to lift loads within spec for that piece of equipment. The tamper-proof, self-lubricating, low-maintenance tilt switch does not require a power source. GravLoc USA
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Protective Suit

The Tychem BR670 from Lakeland Industries is a fully encapsulated, rear-entry, vapor-protective, Level A suit. Features include an expanded back; a sealed seam on the outside; a 40-mil PVC face shield; butyl gloves; two exhaust valves; and a double storm flap with a hook-and-loop closure. Lakeland Industries Inc.
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Cart Assist Tug

The CartCaddyLite from DJ Products can easily maneuver food carts up to 1,500 pounds in tight areas. The unit has variable-speed twist grips that allow the operator to travel at speeds of 0 to 3 mph forward or backward. With its compact, 24-volt motor being powered by two 12-volt batteries, the unit can perform without recharging for an entire shift. DJ Products Inc.
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All-Weather Scoreboards

All-weather Digi-Day scoreboards from Accuform Signs are designed to promote safework days and other safety messages at outdoor building entrances, security checkpoints, guard stations and other high-traffic areas frequented by employees and visitors. Features include a push-button remote control; a large, brightly lit, automatic digital counter; a built-in clock feature; count-up/-down features; and a power-failure indicator with a counter that remembers the last number stored. Accuform Signs
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AirSoft earplugs from Howard Leight Industries have been redesigned to provide better fit, comfort and performance. The improved internal air pocket design incorporates a series of patented, noise-blocking fins that interweave as the air pocket compresses in the ear canal, creating a noise-blocking barrier that facilitates more dependable attenuation from one user to another. Howard
Leight Industries, a Bacou-Dalloz brand
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Cut-Resistant Glove

HyFlex 11-624 gloves from Ansell offer a high level of cut protection as well as excellent comfort, dexterity, flexibility and durability. This newest addition to the HyFlex line features an exclusive knit liner combination DSM Dyneema, Spandex and nylon to provide workers with Level 2 cut protection to safely handle sharp objects such as metal, glass, plastics and ceramics. The lightweight, black polyurethane coating assures a medium to high level of abrasion resistance and a sure grip in light oil and dry applications. Because Dyneema is unaffected by water or detergents, HyFlex 11-624 gloves can be washed and re-used without losing any cut protection. Ansell
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Hydrating Beverage

Q-Blast is a time-released, sugar-free energy drink that provides workers with essential electrolytes to combat heat stress. The beverage now comes in a sealed bag that requires no mixing. Connect the bag to an existing cooler and the beverage will stay fresh for days. Q-Blast
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Fire Alarm Control Panel

The enhanced IntelliKnight 5820XL fire alarm control panel conforms to the testing requirements of UL ninth-edition standards. Among other upgrades, a USB port has been added to increase compatibility with laptop computers and the 5820XL now uploads and downloads five times faster due to data compression software upgrades. Silent Knight, div. Honeywell International
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