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New Products

Modular Chemical Storage

These modular hazardous materials storage buildings from U.S. Chemical Storage are ideal for situations that require oversized or over-width hazardous material buildings. The units are manufactured in modular components that are assembled on site; do not require redundant accessories packages; feature the same construction details and standard practices as the manufacturer's other chemical storage buildings; and comply with NFPA standards for dry chemical fire extinguishing systems, flammable and combustible liquid codes, fire alarm codes, fire doors and windows.
U.S. Chemical Storage
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AED Companion

The Emergency Oxygen SoftPac from Life is a lightweight, portable AED companion that provides supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation; oxygen- enriched CPR to a non-breathing victim; or continued supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation. The SoftPac weighs only 6 pounds and features a constant reading supply gauge; a shoulder strap and foam handle for easy carrying; and a wall-mount hook. The CPR mask universally fits adults and children with a one-way valve and filter to prevent disease transmission.
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Safety Door Switch

The D4JL guard locking safety door switch from Omron provides a holding force of 3,000 N to safely lock the largest and heaviest doors. Two safety circuits and two monitor contacts provide an array of monitoring patterns, including monitoring the open/closed status of the door and the status of the lock. D4JL models are available with rear release buttons that allow workers to unlock the switch from inside the protected area and exit the hazardous areas.
Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.
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Fire Control Panel

Silent Knight offers an updated IFP-50 intelligent analog/addressable fire control panel in compliance with UL 9th edition standards. The IFP-50 has drift compensation and features two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. The fire panel also has a built-in, dual-line digital fire communicator and support for 50 analog addressable modules. This upgraded fire panel also uses a digital communicator for remote reporting of system activity and system programming.
Silent Knight
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Multi-Gas Detector

The G450 multi-gas detector from GfG Instrumentation features a compact and robust 1-to-4 sensor design; interchangeable battery packs for up to 25 hours of continuous operation; and a motorized pump that can be operated in diffusion or sample-draw mode. The model offers exceptional confined space performance, and all sensors come with a full 3-year warranty.
GfG Instrumentation Inc.
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Ammonia Safety Training Program

Summit Training Sources has released a new ammonia safety training program to inform workers about the dangers of this commonly produced chemical. The program helps prevent ammonia from becoming an injury or accident source and teaches workers proper handling, hazard awareness and best safety practices. This training benefits the food, petroleum and agriculture industries and is available in English and Spanish, on video or DVD.
Summit Training Source Inc.
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LED Lighting Instruments

The new Pelican LED series features efficient, durable flashlights for extreme conditions. With Pelican's Recoil LED technology, the bulb is aimed backwards and the light is reflected forward like a handheld lighthouse. The result is a powerful, white, collimated beam that is as bright as a conventional flashlight. These LED lights offer up to 10,000 hours of light and deliver 15 times the burn time compared to incandescent bulbs.
Pelican Products Inc.
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Cut-Resistant Sleeve

The NorthFlex NFDS16 C5 sleeve from North Safety Products is the industry's first cut level 5 Dyneema sleeve for arm and wrist protection. Weight for weight, Dyneema is up to 15 times stronger than steel to provide the best protection against cuts. The finely knit Dyneema/fiberglass blend sleeve is comfortably form-fitting and tear-resistant to reduce snag hazards. The sleeve vents heat to remain cool to the touch and can be washed or dry-cleaned.
North Safety Products
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Hearing Protection Verification

VeriPro by Howard Leight uses sophisticated software in a user-friendly format to determine the personal attenuation rating employees receive from their earplugs. The system consists of software, an optimized headset and a three-part process that checks the effectiveness of an employee's earplug fit over a range of frequencies. VeriPro provides accurate information to determine whether employees are receiving optimal hearing protection, if they require additional training to fit their earplugs or if they should try a different model.
Howard Leight, a Sperian brand
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Sight Glasses Brochure

A new brochure from L.J. Star features a line of pre-stressed Metaglas sight glasses. Pure borosilicate glass is fused within stainless steel rings to produce sight glasses that have the transparency of glass with the strength of steel. The brochure includes discs intended for use in flange sight ports, circular weld pads, visual flow indicators, threaded ferrule sight ports and sanitary clamps. Rupture tests indicate the discs are safe at pressures far exceeding rated pressure and even then are fail-safe, remaining leak-tight even when surface cracks appear. Metaglas discs can be removed for maintenance or vessel access and then re-installed with no degradation in service or safety.
L.J. Star
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Vacuum Tube Lifter

The Anver VT140 tube lifter provides up/down lifting using an electric vacuum pump that provides instant attach and release. The tube lifter and venturi-powered pad attachment lifts alloy wheels from inside the rim to avoid damage from slings and clamps. Features include an ergonomic handlebar with built in controls, a swivel top for unrestricted rotation, a durable wire-reinforced tube and a vacuum gauge.
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Emergency Stop Safety Switches

These emergency stop switches offer fast, error-free installation in field- or panel-mount applications. Models are available in high intensity, wide-angle-illuminated or non-illuminated versions to suit any emergency stop application requirement. The field-mountable versions eliminate wiring to save time and prevent the possibility of incorrectly wiring the switch. Panel-mount versions include a connection cable that can be cut to length and easily connects to the AS-Interface network using a flat cable-to-terminal adapter.
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Eye Protection

The KleenGuard V40 contour eye protection from Kimberly-Clark Professional offers distortion-free lenses to enhance vision and safety while a wraparound design provides comfort. The eyewear features a soft gel adjustable nosepiece; dual-molded rubber temples; and a durable, vented frame that prevents fogging and offers cushioned brow protection. The KleenGuard V40 is part of the company's expanded line of protective eyewear. All products in this line are impact resistant, ANSI Z87.1+ compliant and provide 99.9 percent protection from UV-A and UV-B rays.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
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American Welder Hard Hat

This full-graphic E2 series Supereight hard hat by Fibre-Metal depicts the classic American welder and his contributions to the country. The cap features a highly detailed, decorative graphic that will not chip, fade or peel. Supereight caps offer a sophisticated, yet easy to use, head protection system.
Fibre-Metal, a North Safety Products brand
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High Visibility Gloves

The new Zorb-It HV glove from Best Glove combines high visibility with a sure grip to provide the visibility and construction industrial workers need to remain safe. The glove's durable nylon shell is flat-dipped in sponge nitrile for grease and oil absorption. These fluorescent-orange gloves are engineered to deliver a secure grip even in oily, greasy conditions.
Best Glove Incorporated
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Anti-Fatigue Mats

The Sorb Stance and Eco Stance anti-fatigue mats from Superior Manufacturing Group are designed for combined use with sorbent pads in environments where pooling liquids create potential safety hazards. The mats are made of 100 percent nitrile rubber compound and are resistant to the chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases commonly found where sorbent pads are used. The heavy-duty Sorb Stance features beveled borders and a recessed top surface that acts like a tray to lock in liquids, while the Eco Stance offers the same features in a smaller, more economic mat.
Superior Manufacturing Group
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Safety Product Catalogue

Saf-T-Gard International Inc. recently released its 2007-2008 product catalogue. The new catalogue is nearly twice the size of the previous edition and offers a variety of industrial safety products and personal protection equipment. New product categories include Voltgard electrical safety products and products for the public safety sector.
Saf-T-Gard International Inc.
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Storage Cabinets

Durham Manufacturing offers a series of clear-view storage cabinets for contents that must be stored in sight without sacrificing security. The cabinets feature see-through, perforated, diamond-patterned metal doors to provide visibility. Nine sizes are available, ranging in widths up to 48 inches, depths up to 24 inches and heights up to 84 inches. The cabinets are available with two to four adjustable shelves with a capacity of 900 pounds per shelf and feature heavy-duty, all-welded, 14-guage steel construction and a 3-point locking system.
Durham Manufacturing Co.
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Bulk Powder Containment

This chemical transfer station from Flow Sciences Inc. reduces workers' exposure to hazardous substances as they weigh and dispense solids and liquids in pharmaceutical industries. The integrated workstation features a gloved, flexible enclosure; drum lift technologies; and an enclosure for improved powder containment. The chemical transfer station minimizes product loss while ensuring operator safety.
Flow Sciences Inc.
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Safety Block Signs

These safety signs from Danray Products outline safe usage requirements for safety blocks in accordance with applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards for machine tools. The signs also warn against the hazards associated with improperly used safety blocks. These 5-inch-by-6-inch safety signs comply with the latest ANSI standards for the design, application and use of signs, colors and symbols for accident prevention. Danray Products LLC
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Storage Cabinet Workbenches

These storage cabinet workbenches from IAC Industries provide rugged, sturdy storage and support an evenly distributed static load of 1,000 pounds. The workbenches feature wide, large-capacity drawer pedestals to support a variety of work surface options and lengths. The heavy-duty drawers feature two recessed handles to prevent accidental collision with carts, chairs and knees; steel ball bearing glides that feature 95 percent extension; and a 100-pound weight capacity. IAC Industries
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Fire Alarm Control Panel

The NFS2-3030 intelligent fire alarm control panel features a modular design; multiple display options; a 640-character LCD display; highly intuitive menu options; and a built-in QWERTY keypad. The control panel is ideal for hospitals, shopping malls, airports, sports arenas and high-rise buildings. It supports up to 10 signaling line circuits for a maximum capacity of 3,180 intelligent devices and an optional integrated digital voice evacuation. The control panel's technology maximizes system capacity, speeds alarm responses and simplifies maintenance and usability. Notifier, a Honeywell brand
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Emergency Services Vest

ML Kishigo's PSV Pro 200 series offers a line of four emergency services vests for the fire, police, sheriff and emergency sectors. The vests feature microphone tab holders, adjustability for accurate sizing and high-visibility reflective tape. Some also include clear ID pockets for legend title insertion. This apparel line complies with the new ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 Public Safety Standard. ML Kishigo
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