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New Products

Rechargeable AM/FM Earmuffs

The QuieTunes earmuffs from Elvex provide hearing protection while offering workers FM/AM reception and an auxiliary input jack for MP3 players or i-Pods. Speakers generate sound limited to a safe level with the use of a gain limiter, and the electronics are separate from the hearing protection cavities. The earmuffs feature an automatic four-hour shutoff, offer an NRR of 22 dB and 27 dB SNR and use rechargeable nickel-metal-hydrate batteries. Elvex
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Wiping System

This portable, heavy-duty wiping system from Kimberly-Clark provides industrial workers with clean, dry wipers anywhere and anytime. The WypAll Wipers in a Bucket features an easy-to-carry, crush-resistant, refillable bucket and a one-at-a-time dispensing system that reduces waste. WypAll wipers absorb more water and oil than rags and can withstand rainy, muddy or grimy conditions. A single bucket of WypAll Wipers replaces 25 pounds of rags. Kimberly-Clark Professional
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Hook Knife

The Sleek Beak dual tool is an all-purpose hook knife that cuts foam, stretch wrap, string, ribbon and twine. It features a retractable tape cutter for cutting most kinds of tape, clamshell packaging and blister packs. The durable handle is high-visibility yellow, impact-resistant and is covered with a black, ergonomic comfort grip. Safecutters Inc.
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Incident Management

Prognos software from PureSafety is a comprehensive solution for managing incident and absence reporting, investigations, workers' compensation claims, medical case management, return-to-work programs and more. Prognos helps improve organizational efficiency, data accuracy and workflow management while reducing the total cost of incidents, injuries, disabilities and absences. PureSafety
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Vehicle Inspection Books

Devtra offers a line of 41 inspection checklist books for on- and off-road vehicles and equipment, including backhoes, wheel loaders, graders, dozers, dump trucks, haulers, cranes, skid steers, forklifts, fleet vehicles and more. These vehicle-specific books are available for all industries, including municipalities, construction, government, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, industrial and warehousing. The books offer information on state and federal compliance and help identify defects and vehicle condition. Devtra Inc.
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Top Screen Reporting Assistance

These new reporting tools and cross-referenced lists from SiteHawk provide simple, efficient chemical data management and help determine whether a Top Screen report must be submitted to the Department of Homeland Security as required by 6 CFR Part 27. The tools generate a comprehensive report in seconds and provide information concerning threshold quantities related to the type of threat. The SiteHawk tools index pertinent data fields for each material and feature user-friendly layouts and sorting options. SiteHawk
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Fall Protection

This site-serviceable retractable lifeline from SafeWaze feature frictionless braking, material enhancements and quick-turn maintenance capabilities to provide an advanced retractable lifeline that minimizes fall distances and reduces the height of required fall clearance. The modular design allows fast in-field replacement to reduce downtime and replacement costs. The lifeline's reliable pawl mechanism won't hang up, freeze up or corrode. The lifeline system is designed for H- or I-beam installation. SafeWaze, an Aearo Technologies brand
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Hand Protection

MCR Safety's LineMaster leather protectors guard against abrasion and puncture when worn with rubber insulating gloves. The leather protectors are available in five series that feature premium cow- or goatskin-grain leather sewn with Kevlar thread, 10- or 12-inch lengths and generous sizing to fit over rubber insulated gloves. Some styles feature a non-metal, adjustable nylon strap or 3M Scotchlite reflective cuff material. MCR Safety
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Elevating Work Table

The compact size and lightweight design of this elevating work table and adjustable work platform enable easy maneuvering in tight places, such as hazardous paint booths or various industrial areas, and eliminate the need for unsafe ladders and scaffolding. The platform is 20 inches wide and features a scissor lift that can be raised from 10 inches to as high as 46 inches, providing a working height of approximately 10 feet. The tabletop surface measures 20 inches by 66 inches and can hold up to 1,000 lbs. LPI Lift Systems
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Hazard Recognition Training

In “The Newcomers,” a high-impact safety orientation training DVD/video program, five new employees encounter and fail to recognize a range of hazards to demonstrate the importance of asking questions, looking out for fellow workers and understanding how one's actions can affect others. Scenarios in the program include forklift near misses, trip hazards, electrical issues, fire safety violations, ergonomic errors and more. Coastal Training Technologies Corp.
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Safety Heater

The Cozy Legs flat-panel, low-wattage heater radiates gentle, thermostatically controlled heat in the home or office and provides a safe alternative to space heaters. The heater can be mounted permanently or placed in a portable stand. Cozy Legs uses only 150 watts of power, compared to the 1,500 to 2,500 watts used by conventional space heaters, and offers protection from blown fuses or fire hazards. Use the Cozy Legs heater to relax muscles, improve circulation and promote worker productivity. Indus-Tool
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Safety Light Curtains

The new F3SJ safety light curtains from Omron STI are available in finger, hand or hand/limb body protection configurations and are 6 mm thinner than previous models. F3SJ cables have M12 connectors, a 5 mm bending radius and can be routed in any direction. Up to four sets, or 400 beams, can be connected in series, and series connection cables up to 15 meters in length allow users to safeguard a wide area. System parameters can be set with intuitive software and status can be checked with a laptop computer or optional setting console. Omron STI
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Back Support

The Accupressure back support combines a holistic approach to protection with biomechanical research to reduce back muscle over-reaction during an unexpected loading event. Each Accupressure support features spring steel-boning stays and the Tradewinds breathable, neoprene construction. Body Glove Safety
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Gem Sensors Literature

This new literature from Gems Sensors & Controls showcases pressure transducers and switches for a broad range of industries and applications. The folder includes technical descriptions of pressure sensing technologies, such as sputtered thin film chemical vapor deposition; proprietary ASIC design; product specification sheets; and details for the new 3100 and 3200 pressure transducers that offer stainless-steel design, sensing ranges from 0 to 30,000 psi and a unique dual temperature and pressure output. Gems Sensors & Controls
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Foot Protection

The durable Longwall 10-inch metatarsal boot features Gore-Tex lining and a triple-stitched abrasion-resistant upper. With a non-metallic toe, a Flex-Shield II midsole and a floating MetFlex metatarsal guard, this boot exceeds ASTM impact standards. The waterproof toe and heel rubber-protective rand is abrasion- and chemical-resistant, and the removable fatigue-fighter footbed provides comfort and support all day long. LaCrosse Footwear
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Vertical Lift Module

This ergonomically designed vertical lift module is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays that automatically locates and retrieves stored items and delivers them to an ergonomically positioned workstation. The system improves operator comfort, safety and productivity and eliminates the need to bend, stretch or reach. Features include adjustable delivery height to reduce fatigue and additional toe and head clearance. The system easily can be fitted with hoists, lifts and vacuum grippers to help operators handle heavy or oddly shaped items. MegaStar Systems
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Skin Protection

Bio-Safe Skin Protectant prevents skin absorption of most harsh chemicals, latex protein and resin, biological fluids, water and toxic and odorous compounds for at least 4 hours. The protective, hypoallergenic polymer resists water and chemicals while preserving the skin's health, tactile sensitivity and wet-dry grip. Bio-Safe allows skin to breathe and perspire while retaining its own natural moisture, even under gloves. Eclectic Products
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Cooling Units

These portable, evaporative cooling units work where traditional air conditioning is unavailable or impractical. The units lower ambient temperatures an average of 20 degrees F and operate on tap water and 110 volts or compressed air. The durable, one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing is rust- and leak-proof and performs at a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioning. The efficient units are environmentally friendly and are easy to operate, clean and maintain. Port-a-Cool, LLC
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Instrumentation Brochures

An expanded literature set from GrayWolf Sensing Solutions details a line of PC-based instrumentation for advanced environmental measurements, including technical information and specifications for each sensor and a multi-parameter probe. The brochures cover instrumentation that measures toxic gases, VOCs, air velocity, relative humidity, particulates, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, HVAC, energy management and fume hood balancing parameters. GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
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Palm-Coated Gloves

This line of palm-coated gloves from Southern Glove offers excellent grip and wear in various applications. The latex-coated knit glove provides grip and durability; the Nitrile-coated glove ensures flexibility and protection against abrasions and snags; and the latex-coated Kevlar glove offers superior wear and grip. Southern Glove Inc.
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Mass Notification System

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, Honeywell's mass notification systems broadcast live emergency information to prevent injuries and save lives. Multiple digital voice command systems link together in an intelligent network capable of informing thousands of people of an emergency. The product line includes visual and audible peripheral notification applications such as amber strobes, LED signs and speaker cluster, and can accommodate both multinational corporations and smaller, standalone facilities. Notifier, a Honeywell brand
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Cart Positioning Lift System

These cart positioning lift systems provide a safe, cost-efficient way to reduce injuries, improve safety and lower truck maintenance costs. The long lasting, maintenance-free systems are air-operated and provide a large range of ergonomically correct worker heights. The Herkules patented direct 1-to-1 ratio eliminates stress on the lift scissors and prevents downtime. The lift systems are designed and built to custom specifications. Herkules Equipment Corporation
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Evacuation Device

The safety strobe is an all-in-one, handheld flashing strobe light with a built-in, high-powered megaphone and a high-volume whistle. The high-intensity strobe function can be detected from 1,500 feet to light the way in an emergency situation. The megaphone features voice detection of approximately 1,000 feet and includes a detachable hand mic. The safety strobe is ideal for assisting coordination efforts in building evacuations, crowd control and traffic enforcement. Comtran Assoc.
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Lighting System

The PathMaster composite LED bollard is an outdoor architectural fixture designed to provide energy-efficient illumination for walkways, decks, sidewalks and landscape areas for normal and emergency use. Each light engine uses three high-performance, long-life, low-maintenance white LEDs. The PathMaster is fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced polymers, features stainless steel hardware and can be installed by an anchor base, lag bolts or direct burial. Chloride
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