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New Products

PID Instruments

The MiniRAE 3000 and ppbRAE 3000 photoionization detector (PID)-based instruments are used to measure where hydrocarbon-based chemicals pose a toxic threat. Both products have applications in industrial settings, environmental monitoring, indoor air quality and hazardous materials response, and can be used for both leak detection and industrial safety. They feature a wide measurement range; a fast response; a wireless interface; a built-in flashlight; a waterproof design; 6-month data memory; and over 200 built-in correction factors for accurately measuring a wide range of chemicals. These versatile, easy-to-use instruments are designed to provide results in real time with a measurement response of under 3 seconds.
RAE Systems Inc.
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High-Visibility Earmuffs

The bright green, high-visibility earcups on the new Howard Leight Thunder T2HV earmuffs provide a noticeable contrast to protect employees working outside, in low light or in inclement weather. The earmuffs utilize Bilsom's patented Air Flow Control technology to provide optimal attenuation across all frequencies, and better, more consistent attenuation at low frequencies. Snap-in ear cushions facilitate hygiene and make replacement quick and easy. Inner-ventilated headbands minimize pressure on the head, and Quick-Click height adjustment accommodates individual comfort settings. The reflective headband illuminates when exposed to light and the dielectric construction will not conduct electricity.
Howard Leight by Sperian
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Machine Shields Catalog

This new machine shields catalog from Danray Products features machine safety shields, safety scales, safety signs and lamps. The free catalog has been improved and now includes a new bench grinder safety scale, a new warning sign for safety blocks and a new U-shaped shield. The heavy-duty, American-made products in the catalog comply with applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA safety standards.
Danray Products LLC
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Eye Protection

The Dallas is the newest edition to MCR Safety's Plus series protective eyewear. New metallic color frame options offer fashion and function combined with sleek styling that offers a lightweight, comfortable fit. The nose bridge, gel nose pad and full-length, non-slip temple sleeves comfortably fit a wide variety of users. The wrap-around lens design provides greater side-impact protection. Frame color options include polished black, metallic blue and nuclear orange.
MCR Safety
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Waterproof Foot Protection

The leather, metal-free, waterproof Copperhead boot from Wolverine features a Cordura upper with a TPU exoskeleton frame for stability and durability. This lightweight, athletic-inspired work shoe features a rubber outsole with an EVA midsole to help increase traction and prevent falls. The Copperhead is available with an optional composite-toe EH and is a modern option for footwear safety.
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Gas and Particle Detector

The Model X5 from Honeywell Analytics is a portable gas detector that can detect up to five gases simultaneously. An optional PID sensor can be included for detection of volatile organic compounds. The X5 is compatible with the company's MicroDock II, a datalogging/docking/testing station, which can accommodate up to 10 X-series gas detectors, allowing for protection for an entire crew of workers. The X Series line is well suited to industrial plants, emergency responder teams and other multi-user requirements.
Honeywell Analytics
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Needle Destruction Device

The Icarus Needle Disintegrator safely destroys needles and lancets wherever they are used, creating a safer, injury-free environment by eliminating the risk of accidental post-injection needle sticks, pathogen transfers and biohazard waste. The convenient, one-touch operation allows for safe, one-handed placement of the needle during operation. The lightweight, portable device can be used by in-clinic health care workers, visiting nurses, emergency response organizations and home self-care patients. It is FDA PMA Class III-approved, EPA- recommended and ADA-recognized.
Helius Medical Technologies
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Foot Protection

Timberland Pro's new line of Endurance work boots redefine comfort using an innovative anti-fatigue technology that provides a solution for workers who spend prolonged periods on foot. Endurance footwear provides standing comfort through a geometrically constructed midsole, which features molded, inverted cone shapes that increase the midsole's ability to support, collapse and return when pressure is applied. Independent tests show that compared to anti-fatigue mats, Timberland's footwear technology provides better shock attenuation and higher energy return to reduce fatigue.
Timberland Pro
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Fall Protection

Capital Safety's new EZ Stop II tie-back lanyard with rebar hooks is available in a single or twin leg tie-back model with a standard snap hook, aluminum rebar hook, flat steel rebar hook or carabiner ends. The rebar hooks feature 3,600-pound gates, allowing them to be used in tie-back applications. A floating D-ring provides an adjustable tie-back point so the lanyard can be used around various structures at a job site, giving the user greater versatility. The lanyard utilizes a controlled tearing action when subjected to fall arrest forces, limiting arresting forces to no more than 900 lbs. Abrasion-resistant tubular webbing covers an additional layer of polyester web for durability.
Capital Safety
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Portable Lift

The Lift Pod, a low-maintenance personal lift from JLG, combines the portability of a ladder and the stability of a work platform. An enclosed platform allows workers to safely move hands-free within the basket and contains a work tray to carry tools and materials to increase productivity. The LiftPod has a 14-foot working height and is easily portable. Each module weights about 50 pounds and can be carried and moved by one person, with assembly taking fewer than 30 seconds. Elevation is controlled by a battery-operated drill or an optional battery pack for increased flexibility and affordability.
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Silica Safety Online Training

This online, interactive, silica safety awareness program from Summit Training Source will teach workers about the hazards of crystalline silica. The comprehensive, step-by-step program includes detailed information about silica, common exposures, health effects, best safety practices and more. The training program includes multiple interactions, infusing video, state-of-the-art graphics, audio and animation.
Summit Training Source
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Machine Safeguarding Guide

The new 2008-2009 Product Selection Guide to Machine and Process Safeguarding combines all of Omron STI's machine and process safeguarding technologies into a single publication for the first time. The guide includes the latest essential information on Omron's most popular safety products, including laser scanners, perimeter access guards, light curtains, interlock switches, process safeguards, motor starters and more. Every page includes a SpeedSpec number, which can be used to quickly access specific product information on the company's Web site.
Omron STI
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Crisis Management System

The Rapid Responder crisis management system provides first responders with instant access to critical information during emergencies by providing an overview of tactical information. The system is used to digitally catalog and inventory infrastructure and provides instant access to more than 300 data points. A major upgrade includes improved navigation; RSS feeds; enhanced GIS emergency preparedness features; common alerting protocol for warnings associated with natural disasters and weather conditions; extended documentation; event and incident tracking module; and improved IP video and imagery features.
Prepared Response Inc.
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Traffic Vest Harness

This high-visibility traffic vest harness keeps workers safe from the dangers of falls and other accidents, providing a traffic vest and fall protection harness in one. Made for fall arrest and work positioning, the FP700/3D nylon, vest-style, sized harness combined with a lightweight mesh traffic vest work together to protect workers who must be seen to be safe. Features include a zippered pouch, one back D-ring and two side D-rings.
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Truck-Mounted Attenuator

The lightweight Vorteq TL-3 truck-mounted attenuator (TMA) attaches to all types of host vehicles with a standard pintle hook and 7-pin electrical connector. The Vorteq features multi-stage, tube-in-tube energy-absorbing technology that inwardly shapes the steel tubing to significantly reduce debris scatter, thus reducing the potential for secondary accidents. The open-frame design makes attachment, inspection and maintenance quick and easy. Transpo distributes this product in New Jersey, New York and the New England states.
Transpo Industries Inc.
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