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Look for garments from ISEA members that meet ANSI/ISEA 101 - 1996 (R2002) - American National Standard for Limited-Use and Disposable Coveralls - Size and Labeling Requirements, or ANSI/ISEA 107 - 2004 - American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear), or ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 - American National Standard for High Visibility Public Safety Vests…

From Draeger Safety (800-615-5503 or are two new fireground tracking products stemming from an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement with Exit Technologies, as follows:

  • Draeger FRT 1000, a low-frequency 457-kHz radio transmitter and receiver, both contained in the same handheld unit. When the firefighter stops moving for 60 seconds it sends an electromagnetic distress signal that can be tracked by others on the fireground who also are wearing an FRT 1000.

  • Draeger ETR 1000, a transmit-only unit that can be placed at exits and other points of safety by the fire attack team or incident commander. ETR 1000s can be used as “electronic breadcrumbs” by a distressed firefighter attempting reorientation or self-rescue.

From Ergodyne (800-255-8238 or is the 2008 Full-Line Catalog featuring Proflex® gloves, Proflex knee and elbow pads, Proflex supports, Trex footwear accessories, Chill-Its® cooling products, N-Ferno warming products, Core performance work wear, Glowear® high-visibility apparel, Arsenal equipment storage systems and Squids® lanyards. The 139-page, full-color book also includes sizing charts.

From Jackson Safety (636-717-6600 or comes word that it has acquired the assets of Wilson Industries, a leading manufacturer of welding curtains and blankets. Wilson originated the concept of transparent welding curtains and other products that protect welders from optical radiation, while creating safe visibility within the welding workspace, the company said.

From Lakeland Industries (800-645- 9291 or is a new product for pharmaceutical and asceptic applications. This product is a high-density woven, anti-static garment for clean-room uses, Lakeland said, adding that the garment is anti-microbial and has strong repellant barriers for the clean-room environment.

From Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. (800-444-8030 or is a new brochure that lists hundreds of safety products available from the company. The six-page, full-color fold-out includes types of equipment available from Magid and suppliers from which Magid sources products, and describes the company's programs to meet each customer's specific needs.


Look for fall protection from ISEA members that meets ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007, Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components; ANSI/ASSE Z359.3-2007, Safety Requirements for Positioning and Travel Restraint Systems, and ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2007, Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components…

From Capital Safety (800-328-6146 or, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection, are:

  • The “Stay Safe” fall protection compliance campaign targeted at the individual level. The program encourages workers to think about the things they won't be able to participate in or won't be around for if they were to suffer a fall-related injury or worse, Capital said.

  • A new line of 2007 ANSI Z359.1-compliant fall-protection equipment along with updated training courses that meet the new ANSI Z359.2 standard.

  • The Sealed-Blok self-retracting lifeline (SRL), which keeps the critical working components, including the brake, power spring and energy absorber free of dirt, grease, water and chemicals, the company said.

  • The Mobi-Lok self-contained vacuum anchor, available in an aviation-rated model and an economical general industry model. The product is nearly 40 percent lighter than previous generations of vacuum anchors, the company said, adding that it provides a portable, non-penetrating personal fall-arrest anchor for use on smooth surfaces such as an aircraft fuselage or wing.

  • The Power Tagline unit, which the company said is designed to provide easy access to obstructed SRLs mounted overhead. With the push of a button, the Power Tagline lowers the SRL line, allowing access to the SRL connecting hook for connection to the harness, according to Capital Safety.

From the Miller Division of Sperian Protection (800-873-5242 or, formerly Bacou-Dalloz, are:

  • The Titan WebLine temporary horizontal lifeline system kit, which is designed to meet the needs of construction safety by enabling workers to maintain 100 percent tie-off for continuous fall protection along the entire lifeline.

  • A line of Miller Revolution construction harnesses specifically designed for all-day comfort and meeting safety requirements while working at heights. The harness is constructed of webbing that is almost twice as strong as the standards require.

  • A line of Miller Revolution tower-climbing harnesses and accessories. The specially designed harnesses offer greater mobility with the PivotLink rotary connection, Sperian said, adding that the modular attachment design also provides connection points for a complete line of tool belts and accessories.

  • Miller derrick/oil rig harnesses and accessories featuring the Revolution technology and greater mobility with the patented PivotLink rotary connection. Specially designed harness suspension loops also provide greater mobility when climbing the rig, while the D-ring positioned on the back of the belt maintains positioning on the tube board.


Look for respiratory protection from ISEA members that is marked with the NIOSH logo, 42 CFR, Part 84…

From Avon Protection Systems ( or 888-AVON-444) are two new respiratory protection products, primarily for emergency responders. The C50 full facemask provides high protection, outstanding field of vision and superior comfort; the FM53 mask is designed specifically for tactical applications to provide high levels of protection in conjunction with high operational flexibility.

From Bullard (877-BULLARD or is a catalog covering the company's lines of “Respiratory Protection and Air Quality Products.” Sections of the 12-page, full-color booklet include Bullard work systems; airline respirators; supplied-air respirators; powered air-purifying respirators; continuous-flow respirators; confined-space, pressure-demand and pressure-demand escape respirators; half-mask airline respirators; body-temperature-management equipment; carbon monoxide monitors; remote-air manifolds; air filtering and monitoring systems; and air pumps.

From Mine Safety Appliances Co. (800-MSA-INST or are:

  • The Advantage® 4000 respirator with easy facepiece conversion. Whether using an air-purifying or supplied-air respirator, this mask can adapt to a wide range of industrial respiratory applications, the company said.

  • The NIOSH-approved OptimAir® TL PAPR packaged in a new design that offers features never before provided in a PAPR, according to the company. Enhanced motor blower electronics automatically set optimum air flow without sacrificing user comfort. Applications include HazMat cleanup, asbestos, mold and lead paint abatement, chemical processing, pharmaceutical plants, and nuclear facilities.

  • The NIOSH-approved PremAire® Cadet escape combination supplied-air respirator with escape cylinder — an economical respirator incorporating a streamlined, light-weight design, according to the company. Assembly offers a first-stage regulator and cylinder valve within one housing, creating a small size and profile less likely to snag when workers are in tight places.

  • An updated “Top Ten Reasons to Choose MSA Portable Instruments” bulletin, which highlights portable gas detection instruments for many varied applications and industries. The bulletin may be downloaded at

From Moldex (800-421-0668 or comes word that the company has joined more than 150 other corporations in pledging to phase out the use of PVC plastic from its respiratory protection products and/or packaging, with no increase in price and no change in comfort or quality.

From RAE Systems (888-723-4800 or is the MiniRAE Lite, the third in a series of third-generation photoionization detector (PID) based instruments. The new instrument is intended for outdoor environmental and construction site use where hydrocarbon-based volatile organic compounds and chemicals pose a toxic threat, according to the company.

From Scott Health & Safety (800-247-7257 or comes word that both of its newest models of Air-Pak® SCBAs — the Air-Pak 75® and the Air-Pak NxG7 — are fully approved for NFPA 2007 edition, 1981 and 1982 standards, the company said. This situation provides firefighters with multiple purchasing options and an array of features not available on any other SCBA, according to the company.

Also new from Scott is the Proton® series of single-gas monitors. Designed for rugged use, easy one-button operation, and unprecedented convenience, both models of the Proton series meet all the high-quality standards customers have come to expect from Scott. Their lightweight and ultra-compact designs make portability the key feature of these personal monitors.


Look for products from ISEA members that are marked and certified to ANSI Z89.1-2003 American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection, ANSI Z358.1-2004 American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment and ANSI Z87.1-2003 American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices…

From Bullard (800-827-0423 or, the company that invented the hard hat, are:

  • The Standard Series S62 hard hat featuring a vented shell to allow air to flow inside the helmet, keeping the user cool and comfortable while providing quality protection. Features include four-point Flex-Gear® ratchet suspension with large, absorbent cotton brow pad, the company reported.

  • The Bullard Logo Shop, which makes hard hat customization a snap. Offering quality printing, low order minimum and the quickest turnaround in the industry, customizing hard hats has never been easier, according to Bullard.

  • A new “Head and Face Protection Products” catalog. The 14-page, full-color booklet covers Bullard's history of innovation in head protection; Advanced, Classic and Standard and High-Heat series helmets; bump caps, cooling vest and hard hat accessories; hard hat colors; Bullard Logo Shop, and hard hat decoration.

From Encon Safety Products (800-AT-ENCON or are:

  • The LS series and the 429 Veratti® safety eyewear. The LS2, LS3 and LS4 feature sleek designs and are available in clear or gray lenses. All have ScratchCoat® and are certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003. In addition to clear or gray lenses, the 429 model also is available in indoor-outdoor lenses and has ScratchCoat coating.

  • The X series and the HiTec XPR36 goggles. X4 and X5 goggles are designed with a soft PVC shroud that conforms to the face; have tough polycarbonate lenses for maximum protection; offers 99.9 percent protection against UVA and UVB; and fit over most prescription eyewear. The XPR36 goggles feature a direct ventilation system, anti-fog lens, and easy lens replacement, Encon said.

From H.L. Bouton Co., Inc. (800-426-1881 or is the SafetyClean pre-moistened towelette, which the company describes as an easy and convenient lens-cleaning program. The towelette coats the lens with anti-fog and anti-static solution and is safe for glass or plastic lenses. It is available in a dispenser box that comes completely assembled and ready to use with fold-out hanger tab.

From Sperian Protection (800-682-0839 or, formerly Bacou-Dalloz, are:

  • A new sterile saline emergency eyewash solution for the Fendall Pure Flow 1000® and for the new Fendall 2000 emergency eyewash stations. The saline is buffered to the same pH as the human eye, offering unmatched safety and flushing comfort to the injured, Sperian said.

  • A new lens-coating technology, Uvex Dura-streme, which brings together the benefits of the industry's leading anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings onto a single lens, the company said. Proprietary Uvex Ultradura® anti-scratch coating protects the outside of the lens, while on the interior of the lens the robust performance of Uvextreme anti-fog coating keeps vision clear in environments where humidity and physical exertion are typical. Visit


Look for hearing protection devices from ISEA members that are labeled according to the U.S. EPA Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), 40 CFR, Part 211…

From ERB Safety (800-800-6522 or are ERB reusable earplugs, ERB foam earplugs and the ERB earplugs vial. The reusable plugs feature a distinctive triple-flanged design. Both the reusable and foam earplugs are bright orange for greater visibility, and are available in corded and un-corded models. The reusable plugs have a noise-reduction rating (NRR) of 25dB when used as directed, while the foam plugs carry a 32dB NRR. The vial contains one pair of foam plugs packed in a convenient carrying case.

From MCR Safety (800-955-6887 or are corded and un-corded disposable, soft, high-visibility orange polyurethane earplugs and reusable, blue silicone earplugs. All plugs are individually poly-bagged by the pair and sold by the full case. Reusable plugs are packaged in a smaller-than-industry standard case pack of 100 pairs per dispenser.

From Moldex (800-421-0668 or comes word that the company has joined more than 150 other corporations in pledging to phase out the use of PVC plastic from its hearing protection products and/or packaging, with no increase in price and no change in comfort or quality.

From Sperian Protection and Howard Leight by Sperian (800-430-5490 or, formerly Bacou-Dalloz, are:

  • VeriPRO technology that makes it possible for safety managers to ensure employees are getting the most out of their hearing protection devices. Developed in conjunction with the House Ear Institute, VeriPRO measures real-world attenuation of unmodified earplugs and can be used as a means to improve individual employee training and enhance the overall effectiveness of hearing conservation programs.

  • A wear-time evaluation tool, available free, that can help alert noise-exposed workers to the danger of removing their hearing protection even for a few minutes. The device identifies the optimal amount of attenuation a hearing protection device will provide over an eight-hour shift if it is removed for various lengths of time.


Look for hand protection from ISEA members that meets ANSI/ISEA 105-2005 American National Standard for Hand Protection Selection Criteria…

From Ansell Health Care (800-800-0444 or are:

  • Ansell Guardian, a cost-saving and profitability improvement process provided as a service to customers. Delivered by Ansell efficiency experts, Ansell Guardian is a framework for rapid, sustainable and improved operational results in seven key practices related to personal protective equipment.

  • Patent-pending Grip Technology, a glove coating that enhances grip performance when grasping wet or oily objects. Composed of a thin nitrile film with an exclusive added “roughened surface,” the technology delivers exceptional adherence and control, Ansell said.

  • HyFlex® 11-920 gloves, which integrate Grip Technology, designed primarily for the metal fabrication industries. They allow material handling workers to effectively grip wet or oily objects with significantly less force, keeping them comfortable, healthy and protected, Ansell said.

  • HyFlex® 11-624 gloves for a high level of cut protection with excellent comfort, dexterity, flexibility and durability. The HyFlex line offers an exclusive knit liner combination of DSM Dyneema®, Spandex and nylon to provide workers with ANSI Level 2 cut protection to safely handle sharp objects such as metal, glass, plastics and ceramics.

  • Vantage® series gloves with integrated cut protection technology and engineered yarns for superior cut protection, comfort and wear. The lightweight gloves for a variety of operations also offer abrasion resistance, grip and dexterity without the bulk associated with heavier aramid fibers hand protection.

From Best Manufacturing Co. (800-241-0323 or is the Zorb-IT® HV glove, the new high-visibility member of its Zorb-IT family of general-purpose gloves. The fluorescent orange glove combines high visibility with sure grip to provide the properties construction and industrial workers need to stay safe, the company said.

From Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. (800-444-8030 or is a new brochure that features the company's ROC line of work gloves. The four-page, full-color foldout describes and illustrates the polyurethane-coated, nitrile foam/nitrile coated, PVC coated, and nitrile-coating on Kevlar® ROC gloves.

From MCR Safety (800-955-6887 or are:

  • The Ninja X® - N9674 bi-polymer-coated palm and fingertips and Ninja Flex® - N9680 latex-coated palm and fingertips professional-grade gloves. The N9674 has a 15-gauge shell blended of silicone-free nylon/spandex with a proprietary bi-polymer coating combining durability and softness, MCR said.

  • LineMaster leather protectors, which are designed to be worn with rubber insulating gloves to provide protection against abrasion and puncture. Utility workers and linemen can protect their rubber insulating gloves and extend their wear by using these protectors, MCR said.

Protection Update Seeks Stories About Life- and Cost-Saving Programs

Protection Update seeks stories from safety specialists giving examples about how their safety equipment programs have prevented injuries, saved lives and saved their organizations' money. If you have a story to tell, contact Editor Joe Walker at 703-525-1695 or [email protected]. If you send an email, please provide your telephone number. Protection Update will write the stories for future issues based upon your experiences.

Order Complete Set of ANSI/ISEA Standards and ISEA Product-use Guides at Deep Discount

ISEA is offering a complete set of its American National Standards and ISEA use-and- selection guides at 30 percent off the price of purchasing the publications individually. For $290 plus $10 handling and shipping, safety officers can get all the following publications in a convenient three-ring binder:

  • American National Standard for Limited-Use and Disposable Coveralls - Size and Labeling Requirements, ANSI/ISEA 101-1996 (R2002)

  • American National Standard for Gas Detector Tubes - Short Term Type for Toxic Gases and Vapors in Working Environments, ANSI/ISEA 102-1990 (R2003)

  • American National Standard for Air Sampling Devices - Diffusive Type for Gases and Vapors in Working Environments, ANSI/ISEA 104-1998 (R2003)

  • American National Standard for Hand Protection Selection Criteria, ANSI/ISEA 105-2005

  • American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear, ANSI/ISEA 107-2004

  • American National Standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Escape Devices, ANSI/ISEA 110-2003

  • American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2003

  • American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection, ANSI Z89.1-2003

  • American National Standard - Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits, ANSI Z308.1-2003

  • American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment, Z358.1-2004

  • American National Standard for High Visibility Public Safety Vests, ANSI/ISEA 207-2006

  • Eye and Face Protection Use and Selection Guide

  • Use and Selection Guide for Personal Fall Protection Equipment

  • Use and Selection Guide for Non-Powered Air Purifying Particulate Respirators

Download an order form at

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