Noise Control & Hearing Conservation

Sound Amplification Earmuffs

Howard Leight's new Impact Sport Ultraslim sound amplification earmuffs incorporate high-tech patented electronics to amplify ambient sounds up to a safe 82 dBA while also providing NRR 22 protection against hazardous noise. This allows wearers to stay connected with their environment while their hearing is protected. The ultraslim earcups and adjustable leatherette headband provide comfort even for long-term wear. Howard Leight by Sperian

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Custom-Fitted Hearing Protectors

These Earzon custom-fitted hearing protectors from CavCom Inc. provide consistent hearing protection, comfort and fit. The protectors carry a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 26; are manufactured in CavCom's digital lab for ultimate accuracy; and are laser-engraved with the employee's name. They carry a lifetime warranty and will not crack, break or shrink. A permanent digital file of the ear impression provides instant remakes without another fitting if the protectors are lost. CavCom Inc.

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Audiometric Screening Booths

These audiometric screening booths feature all-welded construction to ensure reliable acoustic performance and dependable noise reduction. The booth features a double-acoustic window; continuous magnetic seal on the access door; and silence ventilation. A large side-entry door allows ease of access, and the interior is spacious enough to accommodate users comfortably while the unit is compact enough to readily pass through a standard door. Eckel Industries of Canada

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Panel Sound Absorbers

The Kinetics Model KNP panel absorbers are perforated panels designed to control background and reverberant noise. They absorb sound over a wide frequency range and can be attached to walls, ceilings or other surfaces while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. KNP can act as barriers when a solid sheet metal back is added, and also can be added to existing barriers to reduce reverberation time and lower reflected sound levels. Kinetics Noise Control

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Hearing Protection

MCR Safety now offers a line of hearing protection, including disposable, soft, high-visibility orange polyurethane plugs and reusable, blue silicone plugs with a special flange design for comfort. Earplugs are available corded or uncorded and are individually poly-bagged by the pair and sold by the full case. All styles are packaged in an attractive point-of-purchase dispenser display for convenient counter or workplace distribution. MCR Safety

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