More Penalties for American Airlines

One month after OSHA announced multiple safety violations for American Airlines at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the agency has slapped the company with more fines totaling $227,500.

On July 25, when OSHA announced $231,000 in proposed penalties for workplace safety violations, the agency selected American Airlines for a health inspection after reviewing the company's occupational injury and illness data. At O'Hare, OSHA officials inspected the airline's ramp services, cargo building, automotive shops, ticket and gate services, tower, two hangars and baggage room.

The newly proposed citations include a lack of warning signs or labels on previously identified asbestos-containing materials, which could exposure employees to that hazardous substance; hearing conservation; confined space entry; respirator issues and failing to inform employees of the presence of hazardous chemicals and labeling many of those chemicals; and failing to maintain Hepatitis B declination forms.

Angie Loftus, assistant area director in Des Plaines, Ill., told OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS the airline company was planning to contest the July 25 safety-related violations and has not yet filed a response to the Aug. 20 health-related violations.

“We [American Airlines] still have until Sept. 14 to respond [to the second set of fines],” Loftus said.

The citations issued in July have not yet been resolved, OSHA said.

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