Signs & Warning Devices

Safety Poster

The “101 Ways to Stay Safe” poster from Positive Promotions is filled with tips, motivational messages and colorful illustrations to help make your organization the safest it can be. Tips include information about PPE, emergency procedures, seatbelts, CPR, tools, near misses and more. Posters are 17-by-22 inches and are available either plain or laminated. A wide variety of other products with safety messages also are available. Positive Promotions
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Aisle Alert System

The Aisle Alert System uses innovative laser technology to help protect pedestrians when industrial trucks maneuver very narrow aisles. The system is comprised of non-contact, safety-rated laser bumpers with an evaluation unit mounted on the vehicle. By measuring the time difference between the emission and reflected receipt of a laser light impulse, the system calculates the distance to the detected object. If the data shows the presence of a person or avoidable object, the vehicle is safely decelerated or stopped to avoid a collision. SICK
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Safety Block Signs

These safety signs from Danray Products outline safe usage requirements for safety blocks in accordance with applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards for machine tools. The signs also warn against the hazards associated with improperly used safety blocks. These 5-by-6-inch safety signs comply with the latest ANSI standards for the design, application and use of signs, colors and symbols for accident prevention. Danray Products LLC
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Safety Banners

These banners promote awareness by calling attention to a variety of safety issues, including lift safety, PPE and common accident causes. Safety banners are made with strong, nylon-reinforced vinyl that can withstand years of outdoor use. All banners are fully hemmed with reinforced grommet holes at each corner and in the center. Other product lines bearing safety messages include posters, mesh fence banners, floor graphics, window clings and table tents. New holiday and seasonal lines can keep safety messages fresh year round.
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Safety Mats

This line of safety mats from Expanded Technologies features imprinted safety messages and logos on lightweight, durable, rubber-vinyl mats to designate areas where special protection and precaution is required. These non-slip mats deter tripping, always lie flat and are designed to help reduce leg and lower back fatigue so workers stay alert, safe and productive. The embossed safety messages do not fade or wear away. Expanded Technologies
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