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Worthington Celebrates Safety

Worthington Industries Inc., Columbus, Ohio, announced the first-year results of its safety management program, Safe Works, which include a 44 percent reduction in serious injuries (OSHA Days Away, Restricted or Transferred), 22 percent reduction in total injuries (OSHA recordable) and 31 percent reduction in number of workers' compensation claims, which resulted in $1.2 million in workers' compensation cost savings. “We believe that our company-wide goal of zero injuries is not just a goal to work toward, but is attainable,” said John P. McConnell, Worthington Industries chairman and CEO. “A safe workplace and workforce speaks to the heart of our philosophy — that employees are our most important asset. Fewer injuries also positively contribute to the company's bottom line through lower workers' compensation costs and increased productivity and quality as a result of fewer disruptions to production.”

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