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Safety News Roundup: Week of April 10-15, 2021

April 16, 2021
The safety news you (and your peers) are most interested in.

Sometimes, we want to do our own thing. Other times, we want to know what everyone else is up to. That’s especially true as we continue to maintain our distance amid this fourth wave of COVID-19 infections.

So, we’re doing something a little different this week: We’re turning the lens on ourselves to share what’s trending on EHS Today.

The dominant story continues to be the COVID-19 pandemic, but we see you’re also interested in historical events and present workplace dangers. You’re also concerned about whether employees are actually sick or if they’re playing hooky. The pandemic is taking a toll on all of us, so we’re not passing judgment one way or another. Hopefully, you can find some ways to practice some self-care for yourself this weekend, too.

Happy reading and keep staying safe!

How to Respond to OSHA’s COVID Enforcement

Make sure you are adhering to the agency’s and CDC workplace guidances.

Read the story here.

OSHA to Ramp up COVID-19 Related Inspections

OSHA launches a national emphasis program to prioritize enforcement efforts during COVID-19.

Read the story here.

Survey: What Employees Want Post-Pandemic

Employees want to feel safe at work, see their work friends and have work-life balance. How those wants are met may be different now because of COVID-19.

Read the story here.

Almost Half of Companies Say They Won’t Track Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Status

A new Gartner study says 36% plan to have employees self-report vaccination status but will not require proof.

Read the story here.

Return to Work: A Template for Safety Practices and Protocols

How to make sure every worker is on the same page as they return from COVID-19 shutdowns.

Read the full story here.

Be Careful About Vaccine Incentives

EEOC wellness and disabilities rules can cause complications.

Read the full story here.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – March 25, 1911

On Saturday, March 25, 1911, a fire broke out on the top floors of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York. The workers, mostly women and young girls, were trapped inside because the factory owners had locked the exit doors to prevent them from leaving to go to the bathroom during their 12-hour shifts (there was no bathroom in the building).

Read the full story and see the photos here.

Five Safety Lessons Learned from the Sinking of the Titanic

Over 100 years ago, the sinking of the Titanic set the groundwork for safety lessons we use today.

Read the story here.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs of 2021

A look at the most dangerous occupations in the U.S. (pre-COVID), as measured by fatal work injury rate.

See the list here.

One-Third of Workers Call in Sick with Fake Excuses

Thirty-three percent of workers have played hooky from the office, calling in sick when they were well at least once this year. While the majority of employers said they typically don’t question the reason for the absence, 31 percent reported they have checked up on an employee who called in sick and 18 percent said they have fired a worker for missing work without a legitimate excuse.

Read the story (and some excuses) here.

Understanding the Total Cost of an Injury

Don’t overlook the often-hidden and indirect costs of worker injuries.

Read the story here.

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