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Safety News Roundup: July in Review

July 30, 2021
The latest on COVID-19 and tackling persistent workplace safety concerns.

Summer is in full swing, but for you, it’s full steam ahead.

At least, this is what our website data tells us.

For safety professionals such as yourself, it is largely business as usual: You’re focused on a creating a safe workplace despite a host of hazards and concerns. That includes maintaining OSHA compliance, completing job safety analyses, preparing for natural disasters and protecting workers’ hearing.

You’re also focused on keeping up with the latest in COVID-19 news and guidance, which sadly is on the rise again after a few months of steady decline.

You do so much for others, but we want to do something for you. Tell us, either in the comments or by email, what information you need to be a better safety leader. We’ll do our best to help you manage these challenging times. It may sometimes feel like you’re all alone, but rest assured, we’re all working toward the same goal of keeping one another safe.  

Here’s a look at some of most popular stories this past month. We hope this helps.

OSHA Actions Impact the Construction Industry

OSHA’s current agenda affects other employers, too.

OSHA Updates N95 Mask FAQs

Agency says research shows N95 masks are effective in COVID-19 protection.

Risk Management: Six Steps to Completing an Effective Job Safety Analysis

Without a solid understanding of the hazards and risks your employees face with the tasks they accomplish each day, it’s impossible to keep them safe.

CDC Updates Face Mask Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that fully vaccinated people once again wear a face mask in public in areas with substantial or high transmission of COVID-19.

Regulatory Update: OSHA Refines 300A Enforcement Guidelines

Agency cuts employers some slack because of a computer failure.

Should Workers be Allowed to Wear Earbuds

OSHA has issued no specific rules around this, but there are guidelines.

Noise in Construction

Construction sites present unique problems that are not present in other work situations in general industry.

OSHA Changes Focus of COVID NEP

The agency’s list of targeted industries is significantly reduced.

Nine Strategies for Successfully Playing Office Politics

Don't make the mistake of believing you can ignore or avoid office politics. Instead, learn how to navigate them with these helpful tips.

Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls in Stairways

Millions of people are treated for fall-related injuries. An expert offers tips that you can do to help reduce slips and falls.

Can Employers Screen for Marijuana?

Companies need to consider whether they want to screen new hires and employees for marijuana, and how they can comply with the laws in all the locations where they may do business.

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