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US Workers' Satisfaction With Job Safety Rebounds

US Workers' Satisfaction With Job Safety Rebounds

Sept. 29, 2021
Gallup poll shows workers are also satisfied with job security (67%), flexibility of hours (65%), boss or supervisor (63%) and workload (55%).

Seventy-two percent of Americans who work full or part-time say they are "completely satisfied" with both their safety on the job and their relationships with coworkers, according to a Gallup poll released on Sept. 8.

Workers' satisfaction with safety on the job has frequently ranked at the top of the list of 13 job aspects since 1999. Last year,  however, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of workers expressing complete satisfaction with it dropped nine percentage points to 65%, the lowest point since 2001. The latest seven-point uptick puts it back in line with findings from 2018 and 2019.

While the pandemic is ongoing and cases are once again surging as a result of the highly contagious delta variant, unlike a year ago, there are now COVID-19 vaccines available -- and workplaces are increasingly mandating vaccination. Recent Gallup data show 56% of Americans favor companies requiring employees to show proof of vaccination at their office or work site.

Gallup polling has found that white-collar workers are far more likely than blue-collar workers to say they are working remotely and thereby avoiding potential exposure to COVID-19.

Last year, several demographic subgroups that are more likely to include blue-collar workers -- men, those with lower incomes, non-White employees and those without a college degree -- showed the largest declines in satisfaction with workplace safety. Though satisfaction figures among these traditionally blue-collar groups have ticked up since last year, most are not back to the levels recorded in 2019.

Coworker Relations Tie with Safety for Highest Satisfaction Rating

Aside from the change in satisfaction with physical safety at work, employees' satisfaction levels have not changed significantly since last year, and the overall rank order has been generally stable over the past few years.

Majorities of workers are completely satisfied with six other job dimensions in addition to physical safety at work and relations with coworkers. These include job security (67%), flexibility of hours (65%), boss or supervisor (63%), workload (55%), amount of vacation time (52%) and recognition received for accomplishments (52%).

On the other end of the spectrum, along with work-related stress, less than half of workers are completely satisfied with the retirement plan offered by their employer (38%), the money they earn (38%), their chances for promotion (42%) and their health insurance benefits (45%). Still, taking into account the percentage of workers who say they are "somewhat satisfied," each combined measure rises to at least 67%.

Bottom Line

Although COVID-19 cases are much higher than they were one year ago, American workers are currently more satisfied with their physical safety while at work than they were then. This is likely because of the availability of COVID-19 vaccines. Increasing numbers of employers across the U.S. are mandating vaccines or requiring regular COVID-19 testing to ensure their employees have the safest working environment.

While U.S. workers are broadly satisfied with their workplace safety, relations with coworkers, job security, boss, flexibility in hours, workload, recognition and vacation time, there is still significant room for employers to help improve their employees' stress levels and their pay, benefits and chances for promotion.

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