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Regulatory Updates, COVID-19, Women in the Workplace: What You’re Reading This Month

March 25, 2022
A look at what stories you’re reading this month.

We’re not quite sure what to make of March. We’re still processing, we suppose.

There have been some welcome signs of normalcies, such as new buds springing up from the ground and on trees. There have been some signs of a new normal, as COVID-19 cases are, at least for now, on the decline. There have also been some signs of uncertainty, including the war in Ukraine, rising gas prices and high inflation.

Collectively, the events of the past month have us counting our blessings and looking for ways to help others. That desire to help is first and foremost with you, dear readers. We want to support you and all the good—though difficult—work you’re doing to keep employees safe on the job.

A large part of the means staying current on OSHA, regulations and the law, according to our website metrics. It also means following the latest guidance to reduce or prevent exposure to COVID-19 and assistance on helping employees who may be long haulers.

March is also Women’s History Month, and some articles that spotlight women’s contributions to safety as well as obstacles from making a greater impact also piqued your interest, as did a piece on the hazards of daylight saving time.

Hopefully, the adage about March coming “in like a lion, out like a lamb” applies to more than just weather this year. Either way, EHS Today will be here offering the latest updates and sharing best practices to support you. Till next time, stay safe!

Regulatory Update: OSHA Hikes Penalty Amounts

Proposed legislation threatens much higher penalties.

Read more here.

Regulatory Update: OSHA Targets Healthcare Employers

OSHA plans to step up enforcement and is seeking to revive earlier ETS.

Read more here.

CDC Loosens Mask Guidance

OSHA relies on CDC’s guidelines for enforcement purposes.

Read more here.

Regulatory Update: Virginia is Undoing COVID Workplace Rules

Continuing retreat weakens OSHA’s argument for imposing permanent rules.

Read more here.

Doing Micro-Exercises at Work Could Prevent Absences

If employees exercised 10-15 minutes with elastic resistance bands three times a week during working hours it could help prevent long-term absences.

Read more here.

Almost 1/5 of Lone Workers Struggled to Get Help After Accident

And 44% of lone workers also felt unsafe while at work when out of cell range, according to a new study.

Read more here.

Regulatory Update: Sexual Harassment Law Alters Arbitration

#MeToo movement sought the change already embraced by some states.

Read more here.

Long Haul COVID Affecting Workforce

One-quarter to one-third of COVID-19 patients become long haulers, with chronic fatigue being the predominant symptom.

Read more here.

The Hazards of Daylight Saving Time

The extra hour of sun in the evening is nice, but it can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule–and lead to potential accidents or injuries.

Read more here.

A Spotlight on Women in Construction and Safety

Women share their experiences and identify opportunities to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Read more here.

Safety Done Right

Adapting established contingency plans for COVID-19 has helped some food manufacturers keep their employees safe.

Read more here.

The Power of Opportunity in a More Diverse Workplace

Women should be recognized for their safety accomplishments, not for their gender.

Read more here.

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