Fire Safety Hot Topic for City of San Diego

San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy announced Jan 12 that along with traffic congestion and beach pollution, fire safety would be a primary concern for the city in 2004.

In his State of the City address, Murphy referred to the Cedar Fire, which burned some 400 homes in the area. "The firestorm pointed out deficiencies in our fire preparedness," Murphy told the audience.

He made several proposals aimed at improving fire safety, including:

  • Replacing outdated fire fighting equipment.
  • Replacing an antiquated computer system used for emergency response.
  • Hiring additional firefighters.
  • Banning wood shake shingles for new roofs and roof replacements.
  • Requiring fire-resistant roofs in areas with a high fire risk.
  • Encouraging homeowners to clear brush and trees within 100 feet of structures.

During his speech, Murphy recognized Fire Chief Jeff Bowman and commended city employees who responded to the Cedar Fire.

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