The Security Network Promotes Regional Security Plans

A new, non-profit, non-partisan organization called the Security Network has been launched in San Diego to promote the development of new technologies for regional security plans and programs.

The organizers hope the network spreads to other parts of the country. The program will focus on several key areas:

  • Promoting the development of dual-usage security technologies to create effective regional security.
  • Operating as a national testing resource through grants from state and federal agencies.
  • Promoting the development and implementation of a regional security plan by developing, testing and implementing new security concepts, procedures, technologies and services.
  • Serving as the organizer the lead sponsor of the annual Security Summit, as well as other regional security events.

Lou Kelly, chairman of the CCAT Executive Board and president of Lockheed ORINCON Technologies, serves as executive director of the Security Network. His primary duties are to ensure coordination between the executive board, the advisory committee and the activities undertaken by special interest groups (SIGs) and to promote policies and legislation that further the development of dual-usage security technologies and effective regional security.

"Our goal is to build an all-inclusive network that brings together public and private industry with the appropriate government and academic institutions," explains Kelly. "The Security Network supports these institutions in working together to gain greater visibility of what others are doing and develop a broader understanding of future regional security needs. It also allows member institutions to pursue grants for developing future capabilities in the San Diego area that could ultimately be deployed on a national basis."

The Security Network sponsors SIGs to address areas of concern such as border, port, transportation, critical infrastructure, healthcare and first responder security, as well as security command structure/system architecture and commercial and residential security. These SIGs serve as the primary organizations for ongoing dialog, analysis, information exchange and strategy development associated with each major element of regional security. SIG members will include individuals representing federal, state and local government and the military as well as universities and corporations.

The executive board of the organization includes Kelly, as well as Michael Jones, president of ProFinance Associates Inc., who serves as the first chair of the board; Jackie Townsend, CEO of Townsend Inc.; John McNeece, managing partner of the Business Practice Group at Luce Forward; Dennis Kenneally, major general (ret.), California Army National Guard; Jessie J. Knight Jr., president of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce; and Ronne Froman, CEO of the San Diego/Imperial County American Red Cross.

The advisory committee will include senior-level representatives from the San Diego Office of Homeland Security, San Diego Sheriff and Police Departments, FBI, SPAWAR, TSA and other government and military agencies, along with representatives from university and corporate sponsors. It will provide guidance and contacts for the executive director, the executive board and the SIGs and will serve as a top-level forum for key stakeholders to discuss issues, plans and strategies related to regional security issues.

"The Security Network takes a comprehensive view of the development of regional security technology, including military and homeland security applications, as well as corporate security," says Michael Jones. "We hope that the Security Network will attract member companies and individuals from across the United States."

In order to include the greatest number of participants, the Security Network is actively seeking sponsorships from corporations, government agencies, universities, public institutions and individual memberships. Sponsorships at the organizational level will include rotating membership on the advisory committee, participation in the SIGs and the opportunity to play an important role in shaping the development of regional security in the San Diego region and potentially other regions later. Individual sponsors will also have the opportunity to participate in the SIGs.

For more information on becoming an individual member, visit

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