NRC: Facilities Need Better Information about Visitors, Personnel

An incident involving a worker using phony identification has prompted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to issue a warning to nuclear facility operators.

The NRC is warning operators they must ensure the proper identity of personnel on site, even though they may be escorted while in the facility. In order to obtain unescorted plant access, individuals are subject to an array of additional checks.

A recent incident of a foreign national using a false Social Security number and a false alien registration card to obtain escorted access to work at a nuclear power plant identified the need for additional checks on escorted personnel, says the NRC. Although the worker was escorted at all times while he was at the nuclear power plant, the incident points to the need for heightened vigilance in checking the true identity of such individuals.

The NRC urged licensees to check identities against a national security database. Licensees were encouraged to report promptly the fraudulent use, or attempted use of false identification information.

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