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Police Officers Hold Candlelight Vigil

On Friday, May 13, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) held a Candlelight Vigil to honor the 153 law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty during 2004, and commemorate the sacrifices of more than 17,000 officers who have been killed while protecting public safety since the earliest known death in 1792.

The vigil, which was held at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial on E Street, NW, , recognized police officers from 37 states and U.S. territories. The states with the highest number of officer fatalities were Texas (14), California (13), Florida (12), New York (10) and Alabama (9).

"Around the nation and around the clock, law enforcement officers are on the front lines of the fight for public safety and security, and it only takes an instant for a typical day to turn tragic," said NLEOMF Chairman Craig Floyd. "This candlelight vigil will shine with a spirit of honor and hope for their families, friends and fellow officers and light the way for greater public understanding of the vital role of law enforcement in protecting lives, property and civic order every day."

Nearly 20,000 people attended the 17th annual Candlelight Vigil. The event featured a vocal performance by former New York Police Officer Daniel Rodriguez. There will also be a reading of the 415 new names carved on the Memorial, which includes the names of those killed in 2004, as well as names of officers throughout history who have been forgotten, until now.

The Candlelight Vigil was one of many activities that take place during National Police Week at the Memorial. During the week, hundreds of families of fallen law enforcement officers and thousands of fellow officers traveled to Washington for grief seminars, memorial services and inspirational activities to raise public support for the law enforcement profession.

For detailed information on each officer being honored, please visit

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