President Offers Condolences to People of London

President George W. Bush, speaking to reporters at the G-8 Summit in Scotland, offered his "heartfelt condolences to the people of London, people who lost lives" in the terrorist bombings that rocked that city's transportation system earlier today.

"The contrast between what we've seen on the TV screens here – what's taken place in London and what's taking place here – is incredibly vivid to me. On the one hand, we have people here who are working to alleviate poverty, to help rid the world of the pandemic of AIDS, working on ways to have a clean environment," said Bush. "And, on the other hand, you've got people killing innocent people."

He vowed that the "war on terror" will continue, adding he was "most impressed" by the resolve of all the leaders in the room not to yield to terrorism.

Bush said of the terrorists who perpetrated the crimes in London: "We will find them, we will bring them to justice, and at the same time, we will spread an ideology of hope and compassion that will overwhelm their ideology of hate."

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