New York's Mass Transit Workers Get Lesson in Terrorist Recognition

About 100 members of New York City's Transportation Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 participated in a pilot training program aimed at identifying suspicious behavior among mass transit riders.

Called .Behavior Pattern Recognition (BPR), the training was conducted by New Age Security Solutions Inc. ( BPR focuses on the observation of people and detection of suspicious behavior, including their clothes, bags they are carrying and any mannerisms or behavior that does not fit the environment.

"This training leaves our members better prepared to react and respond to potential terrorists on New York's buses and subways," said Ed Watt, secretary-treasurer of TWU Local 100. "Before receiving this advanced training, our workers had received little or no training to learn about terror threats. The BPR training has helped immeasurably."

Besides learning the fundamentals of BPR, the first training session, held July 24, covered background information on terrorism, skill development in focusing on people exuding suspicious behavior and role playing using potential New York City mass transit threats.

"A layered approach to security is the best defense. Training all personnel to notice suspicious behavior and irregularities can be the most important element in any security system," says Rafi Ron, president of New Age Security Systems.

Other agencies that have undergone BPR training include customer service employees from a transit system in the United Kingdom, the U.S. Park Police and Statue of Liberty personnel, University of Maryland Police, airport police in several major U.S. cities, and key law enforcement agencies in Boston and New York City.

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