Disaster Safety Group Adds Tools to Web Site

The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) has launched the latest generation of its disaster safety Web site.

IBHS is a national nonprofit initiative of the insurance industry based in Tampa, Fla. The group's Web site – www.disastersafety.org – attracted more than 1,000 visitors each day on average in 2004, with peak traffic tied to weather events such as hurricanes and severe winter storms.

The latest site enhancements allow more efficient access to property protection tips on hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, hailstorms, earthquakes and freezing weather.

The site also has information on home maintenance projects, like choosing impact-resistant roofing material, performing routine tasks inside and out to minimize water damage, and taking care of landscaping, such as nearby trees, to reduce the threat posed by high winds.

As for business protection, the IBHS site's Open for Business page streamlines the line-up of materials to help businesses develop property protection and continuity plans. The Fortified ... for safer living section includes sample residential construction plans, plus a zip code-based tool that lists measures to protect a home from the hazards it faces in a particular location.

WThese web site enhancements allow us to more effectively provide information to help better protect homes and businesses from natural disasters and everyday losses," said IBHS president and CEO Harvey Ryland. "By helping to strengthen structures or supply plans to safeguard business operations, we further our mission to reduce losses and preserve jobs."

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