PSAs Launched on Potential Hazards for Residents Returning To Hurricane-Impacted Areas

EPA has released six radio public service announcements (PSAs) warning of potential environmental and health hazards when residents return to their homes and businesses in hurricane-impacted areas.

The PSA's are a part of EPA's continuing outreach to the affected regions as communities recover.

Since cleanup activities can pose significant health and environmental challenges, the PSAs are designed to highlight possible hazardous situations residents may be exposed to such as:

  • Leaking natural gas lines,
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from using un-vented fuel-burning equipment indoors;
  • Toxic fumes from household cleaners and disinfectants,
  • Airborne asbestos and lead dust,
  • Hazardous waste, and
  • Contaminated flood water.

To listen to the PSAs, visit

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