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Hotplates Pose Electrical Hazards to Shop Employees

OSHA warns that workers at Dunkin' Donuts shops are being exposed to possible electric shock from hotplates.

Coffee warmers used by workers in Dunkin' Donuts shops may be improperly grounded as installed, exposing the employees to possible electric shock, OSHA warns.

OSHA issued a Hazard Information Bulletin (HIB) following reported incidents involving employees at Dunkin' Donuts shops in Quincy and Springfield, Mass.

The HIB notes that the metal face plate for the on/off toggle switch on electric hotplates (Model H-006) manufactured by Wells Manufacturing Co., Verdi, Nev., may not be grounded when installed in numerous Dunkin' Donuts shops.

In July, two employees reported receiving electric shocks at a shop in Quincy. Another injury that may be related to the hotplate reportedly occurred this fall at a second shop in Springfield.

The local OSHA office investigated, issuing citations for four serious violations of electrical safety standards with proposed penalties totaling $2,850, which have been paid.

Both Allied Domecq Retailing USA, parent company of Dunkin' Donuts, and Wells Manufacturing are taking steps to correct the situation.

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