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Clean Energy Funding Supports DOE's Future Program

Eight new energy efficiency research and development projects were recently named for funding by DOE.

Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson recently announced the selection of eight new energy efficiency research and development projects for funding under the DOE Chemical Industry of the Future partnership.

The new projects, jointly supported by DOE and several chemical industry firms, will pool nearly $25 million of federal and private sector funding to support cost-shared partnerships over a three-year period.

The new public-private partnerships are intended to help boost the chemical industry's energy efficiency, enhance its productivity andcompetitiveness, and protect and improve the environment.

The DOE's share of the total funding will be $10.17 million over a three-year period.

Seven chemical industry firms and organizations will contribute $14.81 million over the same three-year period.

"With its more than one million employees, the chemical industry plays a big part in the U.S. economy, representing 10 percent of all U.S. manufacturing," said Richardson. "These joint projects help energy-intensive industries become more energy-efficient."

The Industries of the Future program works to create partnerships between industry, government, and supporting laboratories and institutions to accelerate technology, research, development and deployment.

The strategy is being implemented in nine energy- and waste-intensive industries: agriculture, aluminum, chemicals, forest products, glass, metal casting, mining, petroleum and steel to reduce their energy use and help maintain a cleaner environment.

For more information about the grants, visit the Office of Industrial Technologies Web Site at

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