DOE Concludes Stockpile Stewardship Works

DOE assessment concludes that underground nuclear testing is not needed to keep the nation's nuclear weapons safe and secure.

Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson announced the results of a comprehensive internal review of the stockpile stewardship program.

The assessment concludes that the program, which began in 1993, "is sound and developing the science, technology, and production capabilities needed to maintain the long-term safety, security and reliability of the nation's existing nuclear weapons without underground nuclear testing."

"The stockpile stewardship program is a cornerstone of our national security, and this review confirms that it is successfully keeping our nuclear deterrent strong, and the American people safe," said Richardson.

After reviewing the report, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Director Bruce Tarter said, "Secretary Richardson's strong endorsement that 'stockpile stewardship is on track' and that it 'is capable of sustaining success into the future' are accomplishments in which the laboratory and other members of the nuclear weapons complex can take great pride."

"This review reinforces my confidence that we can deliver on our commitment to maintain the nation's deterrent without nuclear testing," said Tarter.

The internal review of the stockpile stewardship program began in October 1999.

A copy of the report is available on the DOE Web site at

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