Holiday Safety: Tip No. 10

Tips on how to protect yourself from theft while shopping this holiday season.

At this time of year, work deadlines are compounded by special holiday activities including long hours of shopping. Without realizing it, the demands of the season can make us prime candidates for all types of accidents and theft.

"Unfortunately, there are those who prey on the overly distracted shopper," said Daniel J. Kelso, president of the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII). "Because of the abundance of distractions, paying special attention to safety issues, especially while shopping, becomes as important as choosing the right gift."

The OII offers some tips to help make your seasonal shopping trips safe.

  • Do not flash cash or credit cards in public, and carry only what you need.
  • Store receipts should be kept in a wallet or purse. Just as much damage can be done by thieves with access to your credit card number as having the actual card in hand.
  • Keep the number of shopping bags in tow to a minimum by consolidating them.
  • Make frequent stops at your car or rent a locker at the mall to minimize package handling.
  • Keep purses and wallets secure. Never leave them unattended in a cart or on a counter.
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