Holiday Safety: Tip No. 9

Suggestions on how employers can have a safe and enjoyable holiday party for their employees.

Winter holidays are among the most dangerous time of year for drivers, and it is not just because of the weather.

Of the 364 traffic fatalities nationwide around Christmas 1998, 173 were alcohol-related, according to statistics from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

During this time of year, many companies award employees for their yearly efforts through holiday parties. March Inc., a leading risk advisor and insurance broker, advises employers to take the following steps to ensure safety at holiday festivities.

  • Assess the ability of attendees to get home safely.
  • Appoint a company supervisor to consider whether an employee or other attendee can drive and make appropriate travel arrangements, if necessary.
  • Restrict alcohol consumption. For instance, drink tickets can be issued to employees as they enter the establishment.
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