AAOHN Supports Release of Proposed Ergonomics Standard

AAOHN President comments on the long-awaited release of OSHA's ergonomics proposal.

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc. (AAOHN) released a statement in support of the OSHA release of a proposed ergonomics standard.

AAOHN President Deborah V. DiBenedetto, MBA, RN, ABDA, said employee advocates have long awaited release of this proposal, which is occurring now that legislative attempts to block its release failed.

"AAOHN supports, in concept, OSHA's efforts to promulgate a standard to prevent ergonomic-related injuries," explained DiBenedetto. "While we do not have specific comments, the association supports development of a standard, which will be of benefit to both business and the national workforce."

AAOHN's 12,000 occupational health nurses provide on the job health care to the nation's workers. DiBenedetto said an ergonomic standard will help ensure consistent effective programs and provide equal protections for those employees whose companies may not already realize the benefits of a worksite ergonomics program.

"Employers have reported that up to 40 percent of lost-time cases are musculoskeletal in nature, many of which are the result of ergonomic injuries. Businesses are spending $111 billion a year on workers' compensation claims which includes lost wages and medical care, most of which are associated with ergonomic injuries. Ergonomics preventative measures have been proven to save companies money, while ensuring the health and safety of employees," said DiBenedetto.

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