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Study Explores Health Concerns of Cell Phone Usage

Find out if people are using their cell phones less frequently because of mounting health concerns.

Are business people willing to give up their cell phones because of a possible cancer link associated with cell phone use?

According to a PC Computing study, more than 60 million business people use cell phones daily to stay in touch on the road, for both work and personal matters. But mounting scientific evidence shows mobile phone usage may cause brain tumors.

The problem, explored in the article "Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?" in December's PC Computing, stems from the radio frequency radiation emitted from cell phones, which are typically held about an inch from the brain.

The study reveals that 47 percent of business people are aware of a possible cancer link to cell phones. There is a 16 percent mean drop in people's average weekly business and personal call volume on cell phones because of the possible risks associated with cell phone usage.

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