EPA to Accelerate Cleanup at Hazardous-Waste Sites

It's little surprise that 18- to 34-year-olds are at the heart of a nationwide increase in illegal drug use, and the manufacturing industry traditionally draws heavily from this pool of job seekers.

Cleanup of toxic contamination is being accelerated at more than 1,700 facilities nationwide that generate, store, treat or dispose of hazardous wastes, EPA announced July 8.

While cleanup at 255 sites has been completed and is under way at 800 more sites, the reforms are meant to make sure these efforts continue faster and more cost-effectively, said Timothy Fields, EPA assistant administrator for solid waste and emergency response. Highly contaminated areas will be focused on first.

"Today's reforms will ensure, for the first time, that all contaminated waste-management facilities will adopt aggressive goals for cleanups," Fields said.

Reforms include annual cleanup goals and guidance to encourage creative and flexible approaches to ensuring cost-effective cleanup progress. The facilities operate under the Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act, which regulates the safe management and disposal of hazardous waste.

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