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Colds and Flu Take Their Toll on Working Women

The California Manufacturers Association is citing new evidence that workers' compensation costs in the state are increasing at an alarming rate.

Chicken soup is comfort food when you have a cold, but it has no special curative effects, despite what Mom might have told you. And, according to the American Lung Association, moms, and working women in general, need to take better care of their health during cold and flu season.

Each year, women miss more than 13 million days of work due to the common cold and 33 million days due to influenza. In an effort to reduce those numbers, the American Lung Association has launched the Ther-MOM-eter Campaign to help busy women focus on medically proven prevention strategies and treatment options for colds and flu.

Their tips include taking acetaminophen (example: Tylenol) to combat aches and fever; increasing consumption of fluids like water and juice; getting plenty of rest; and staying home from work if you have a fever or flu symptoms so you do not infect others. The American Lung Association said that there is no significant clinical evidence that natural alternatives, such as echinacea, or traditional remedies, such as large doses of Vitamin C, are effective in treating colds and flu.

For further information, visit the American Lung Association's website at or call (800) LUNG-USA.

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