Ten Truck Drivers Arrested in Drug Sting

Philadelphia police say that this is not only a drug issue but a public safety issue.

Ten truck drivers in Philadelphia were arrested on drug charges and their rigs were confiscated Tuesday after officers posed as drug dealers selling crack cocaine, Philadelphia police said.

``This is not only a drug issue but a public safety issue,'' police Capt. David Testa said. ``We're worried about these people driving around in their big rigs high on crack.''

After receiving complaints from residents and businesses that truck drivers were coming into the area to buy drugs, Testa said officers posed as truckers -- with trucks donated from local trucking companies -- and purchased drugs from six known drug dealers, who were then arrested.

Police then posed as drug dealers and sold crack cocaine to 10 truckers, who were subsequently arrested and charged with attempting to buy a controlled substance, Testa said.

The sting took place in an area of South Philadelphia where many trucking companies and food distribution centers are located, he said.

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