DOE Supports Development of Bioenergy Industry

The Department of Energy announced the funding of a new initiative that will help make the environment more clean and green.

With increased gas prices in recent months, Americans may welcome a new plan that could fuel cars with natural sources like corn.

Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson recently announced a new initiative that will bring clean, green biomass energy and biomass-based chemicals a step closer to the marketplace.

Bioenergy comes from natural sources such as corn, trees, crops, forest and aquatic resources to make an array of commercial products, including fuels, electricity, chemicals, adhesives and building materials.

"An integrated bioenergy industry will boost opportunities for American farmers, while enhancing our energy security and protecting the environment," said Richardson.

Projects for this solicitation will be selected in either of two phases.

The first phase would result in a laboratory-scale demonstration of the proposed technology.

The second would advance the technology to prototype-scale hardware and include a detailed design for a pilot-scale facility.

Between two and four awards are anticipated in each of the two phases.

Responses are due March 7, 2000. There is a minimum of 20 percent cost share by each participant. DOE will provide $4.3 million for the award program.

Copies of the solicitation can be obtained from the DOE's Golden Field Office home page at

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