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Eye Protection Council Holds Planning Meeting

Several organizations interested in fostering greater awareness of eyewear safety will form an Eye Protection Council.

Organizations interested in fostering greater awareness of safety issues connected with eyewear met in Washington, D.C. last week to finalize plans for forming an Eye Protection Council.

It was the third meeting connected with this project.

Pamela J. Miller, OD, presented the keynote address discussing the safety issues associated with the wearing of eyewear, corrective and non-corrective.

Following her presentation, the goal and mission statement for a Protective Eyewear Council was reviewed.

Those who attended the meeting decided that the council should be self-governing and not be a sub-committee of any other industry association.

The decision was also made that the council would be self-funding by the members.

The first official meeting of the council, planned for June 8, will be sponsored by the International Academy of Sports Vision in connection with their annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nev.

Three co-chairpersons volunteered to oversee three committees who will complete specific assignments before the first annual meeting in June.

These volunteers are Stuart Garner, International Academy of Sports, Jackie Fairbans, Opticians Association of American and Francine Howell, Titmus Optical Inc.

Industry or professional persons interested in attending the June meeting are invited to call (800) 446-1802, for more information.

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