Pennsylvania Chemical Company Awarded for Workplace Safety

Nova Chemicals Inc. received the Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Safety Excellence for its commitment to workplace safety.

Nova Chemicals Inc., and its workers were awarded the Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Safety Excellence by Lt. Gov. Mark Schweiker.

"Nova Chemicals' commitment to safety is helping to make Pennsylvania a world leader in workplace safety," said Schweiker.

The Governor's Award for Safety Excellence is part of Gov. Ridge's PENNSAFE, Pennsylvania Safety First, workplace safety initiative.

This effort includes outreach to Pennsylvania employers and employees, technical assistance, and recognition of successful workplace safety programs.

Since the program began in 1996, the number of joint worker-management workplace safety committees has increased to nearly 4,000 committees covering more than 550,00 employees.

At Nova Chemicals, joint labor-management safety committees have taken the lead in providing a safer, more productive workplace.

The company has cut workers' compensation costs by nearly 90 percent, from $103,853 in 1987 to $14,749 in 1998.

In addition to its extensive safety training programs and on-site safety team members, the company's effort includes a safety and health manual, a leadership safety audit, a contractor safety program and an emergency fire brigade.

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