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Company Positively Progressing in National Environmental Program

Weyerhaeuser Co.'s Flint River Operations continues to meet EPA's Project XL environmental goals.

Weyerhaeuser Co.'s Flint River Operations in Georgia continues to make positive progress in meeting EPA's Project XL environmental goals.

Project XL is designed to provide regulatory flexibility in exchange for superior environmental performance.

Weyerhaeuser is the first forest products company to be accepted into the Project XL program.

"Since our inclusion in the XL program in 1997, Flint River has made excellent progress in many areas while continuing to meet the product quality expectations of our customers," said Anna Skrobecki, vice president and mill manager of the facility.

The company's XL progress areas include energy reduction, solid waste minimization, water quality improvements, decreased emissions of air pollutants and improve forest management practices.

"During 1999, we made reductions in power boiler steam generation and have made continuous progress since 1997," said Gary Strandburg, environmental manager at Weyerhaeuser. "This marks the 18th year of perfect compliance with the facility's wastewater discharge limits."

The Flint River Operations produces cellulose pulp, used in the manufacture of disposable diapers, and employs more than 400 people.

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