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New York Construction Companies Cited

Industrial Enterprises LTD/Fay Industries Corp. and Mark Klein Inc. were cited following an employee fatality at a construction site in Brooklyn, N.Y.

OSHA cited and penalized $145,500 Industrial Enterprises LTD/Fay Industries Corp., and Mark Klein Inc. of Brooklyn, N.Y., for violations of health and safety standards.

According to Robert D. Kulick, OSHA area director, the citations result from an inspection conducted from November 1999 through February 2000, at a residential construction site, following an employee fatality.

Eduardo Daniel was killed and 11 other employees were injured when the building collapsed on Nov. 23 during concrete pouring operations.

OSHA cited Enterprises LTD/Faye for failure to ensure that the building's formwork was erected, braced and maintained properly to enable it to support vertical and lateral loads.

"This employer willfully failed to follow OSHA's construction industry safety standards," Patricia K. Clark, OSHA regional administrator said. "That act resulted in the loss of an employee's life as well as injury to 11 other workers."

Enterprises LTD/Faye also received OSHA citations for other-than-serious violations, including failure to maintain the required OSHA log of injuries and illnesses in the workplace and failure to develop and maintain a hazard communication program.

Mark Klein Inc. also received OSHA citations for failure to maintain the required OSHA log, and failure to provide information and training to employees in hazard recognition and avoidance.

The companies have until March 3 to contest the citations.

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