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Safer Work Sites for More Alberta Workers

More than 3,200 employers in Alberta, Canada are making it possible for 200,000 workers to enjoy a safer work environment because of the Partners in Injury Reduction program.

No matter what the business or industry, employers want to prevent worker injury, maintain productivity and increase profits.

With the jointly sponsored Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) program, employers in Alberta, Canada can do it all.

More than 3,200 employers are making it possible for an additional 200,000 workers to enjoy a safer work environment this year.

Businesses ranging from small family restaurants to large trucking companies have joined the PIR program designed to encourage injury prevention and workplace health and safety practices.

PIR is a voluntary program that operates through the combined efforts of the Workers' Compensation Board-Albert (WCB), Alberta Human Resources and Employment, industry partners, safety associations, employers and labor groups.

Employer benefits to the program include earning up to 20 percent in WCB premium discounts, achieving or maintaining a Certificate of Recognition, improving performance, and demonstrating leadership in workplace health and safety.

In turn, workers' get lowered risks in safer work environments, improved productivity and job satisfaction.

Some Alberta companies have made significant improvements in their workplace safety programs as a result of the PIR program.

John Matthews, senior vice president, human resources/risk management for Costco Wholesale Canada said the program has helped safety.

"The PIR program helped us to increase our safety culture by enhancing employee involvement and concern," said Matthews. "In addition to fewer injuries, safer buildings and increased employee morale, we have seen 50 percent reduction in claim costs."

For more information on the PIR program, visit the WCB Web site at

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