New York Plastics Manufacturer Cited by OSHA for Violations

Euro United Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., was cited by OSHA following an accident at the plant in which an employee was splashed and burned with molten plastic.

OSHA cited Euro United Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., and proposed penalties of $159,600 against the firm for violating OSHA standards.

According to OSHA area director David E. Boyce, the action results from an investigation conducted from Sept. 8 to Feb. 15 following an accident at the plant in which an employee was splashed with molten plastic.

As a result, the employee suffered face, neck and arm burns.

"This is a case of an operation that grew too quickly," Boyce said. "There was a large expansion of production and employees, but the employer did not take the necessary actions to protect or train the employees in proper safety procedures," said Boyce.

OSHA alleges that the company willfully violated OSHA's personal protective equipment standard by failing to provide employees exposed to flying plastic and metal chips with safety glasses.

Euro United was also charged with failing to address issues related to a lockout/tagout program; failure to provide access to first-aid supplies; and failure to give required training on various safety topics, including the hazardous chemicals in the workplace and the use of fire extinguishers.

The company has until March 13 to contest the citations.

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