EPA Web Site Slowly Being Restored

Following a shut down in February, EPA's Web site is back on-line to to serve some database systems, however, most of the site is still not functioning fully.

If you are having trouble maneuvering through the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)Web site lately, it isn't your computer.

EPA shut down its Web site, www.epa.gov, on Feb. 17 because of security concerns.

Since then, the agency has been improving security measures and is steadily restoring the public's access to information on the site.

EPA announced yesterday that the site is back on-line to serve HTML pages and some database systems, however, these systems may not be fully functional.

The agency is able to perform limited updates of HTML pages, but at this time, it cannot make routine updates and additions to the site.

Those searching the site for information can find out when the last update was made to a particular page by checking the date listed at the bottom of each page.

Many services are still not accessible, however, services and features available from the site include Envirofacts, Envirosense, People Locator, On-line Library System and Enviromapper.

The Enviromapper feature is operational, although some Enviromapper URLs have changed.

EPA is asking those who experience difficulty connecting to a specific site to call (202) 401-1818 to leave a message.

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