ANSI/ISEA Standard Gives Workers a Hand

New ANSI/ISEA standard offers guidance for choosing the correct work gloves.

Now there is help for employers who need a hand to figure out how to match the right kind of glove to a particular job.

The new ANSI/ISEA 105-2000 "American National Standard for Hand Protection Selection Criteria" offers guidance for choosing the correct gloves to protect workers and help employers comply with OSHA regulations.

The past practice of rating work gloves' protection level as "good," "fair" or "poor" created inconsistencies among glove manufacturers, according to Janice Comer Bradley, technical director for the Safety Equipment Association (ISEA).

"The new standard provides a consistent, 'numeric-scale' method for manufacturers to rate their products against certain contaminants and exposures," she said.

Performance and pass-fail criteria are included for such hazardous exposures as puncture and abrasion resistance, cold protection, chemical permeation, and heat and flame resistance.

The document can be ordered from ISEA by downloading an order form from ISEA's Web site,; or by calling (703) 535-1695.

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