NIOSH Offers Millions for New Research in Health, Safety

NIOSH is inviting applications for nine new grants and cooperative agreements totaling $7.7 million for research to protect worker health and safety.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is putting its money behind research to protect worker health and safety.

It is inviting applications for nine new grants and cooperative agreements totaling $7.7 million in 10 different areas, such as controlling workplace hazards and needlestick injuries.

Studies funded in these areas and others will add to the on-going research supported by NIOSH in areas related to the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA).

NORA, identifies 21 priority areas in which new research will have the greatest impact in reducing work-related illnesses, injuries and deaths in the coming decade.

"NORA is widely applauded for harnessing the talents and resources of many diverse partners to push the envelope of modern occupational health and safety research," said NIOSH Director Linda Rosenstock. "With these new funding opportunities, we look forward to stimulating further successes."

Under four Requests for Applications (RFAs) for competitive grants, NIOSH is inviting applications for studies that will:

  • Help reduce agriculture-related injuries to children, through the development of new and improved hazard control techniques.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of new intervention methods for controlling workplace hazards.
  • Strengthen the surveillance of work-related injuries and illnesses, particularly those involving high-risk occupations and industries.
  • Provide exploratory research in the areas of allergic and irritant dermatitis, social and economic consequences of workplace injury and illness, health services research, and pregnancy and fertility abnormalities.

Under opportunities for five new cooperative agreements, NIOSH is also seeking:

  • Applications for participating in a research consortia to conduct a study of upper-limb and low-back musculoskeletal disorders at varying levels of exposure to job stressors.
  • Applications for research to develop new data on incidence of needlestick injuries and availability of safer needle devices among health care workers.
  • Applications from single states or other government entities, such as territories or tribal governments, to participate in development model surveillance systems for multiple kinds of workplace injuries, illnesses and hazards.
  • Applications from single states or other government entities to participate in development of model surveillance systems for targeted workplace injuries, illnesses or hazards.
  • Applications to foster multidisciplinary research on the adverse pulmonary effects of mixed dusts, such as welding fume, boiler ash and diesel exhaust particles.

For further information on each announcement, such as the amount of money allocated to each grant and application deadline, go to the NIOSH Web site at .

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