Worker Testimony Dominates Final Days of D.C. Ergo Hearings

In the final days of the first round of public hearings on OSHA's proposed ergonomics standard, union members called on the agency to quickly adopt a standard.

Dozens of workers represented by UNITE along with a delegation of workers from the Massachusetts Coalition for Ergonomics in the Workplace led by Massachusetts State AFL-CIO President Robert Hayes, testified about the why they believe in an ergonomics standard.

Members testified about the impact of musculoskeletal disorders on workers, the successful efforts of unions working with some employers to establish ergonomics programs and injury prevention.

"Over the past several weeks, employers and powerful employee groups have called the new rule 'a rush to judgment.' These are the same groups who have fought new workplace safety standards for more than a decade, and their backers in Congress blocked efforts by OSHA to pass ergonomics rules in the 1990s," said AFL-CIO Director of Health and Safety Peg Seminario.

"Our members are giving first hand accounts about the ergonomics hazards they face, the injuries they experience and why this rule is so important," said Seminario.

The second round of OSHA hearing will begin on Tuesday in Chicago at the James R. Thompson Center.

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