AIHCE Highlights With Co-Chairman Steve Levine

We talked with AIHCE Co-Chairman Steve Levine Ph.D., CIH to hear what he had to say about the many events of AIHCE 2000.

The theme of this year's conference, Prevention -- Our Mission for the 21st Century, is not just a catchy title. According to Levine, the premise behind this title is significant to the profession of industrial hygiene.

"My other co-chairman, Scott Merkle and I agreed that this theme would be at the heart of our mission as industrial hygiene professionals," said Levine. "Our job as industrial hygienists is to correct problems that lead to injuries, illnesses and fatalities. But we are more so here to prevent them."

With more 200 professional development seminars, 100 technical sessions and nearly 50 roundtables, Levine is not shy about promoting AIHCE as "the" conference stop for the SH&E professionals conference calendar.

"This conference is the single place where certified-degreed professionals in the field of occupational hygiene, safety and environmental health can find a home," said Levine. "Products and services at the show should be what these professionals need. And they will also find numerous sources of information as well as the latest knowledge and skills from a variety of educational sessions."

This year, the keynote speakers for the first three days of the conference have been divided up to address three important areas to the field -- safety, health and the environment.

On Monday, May 22 Charlie Morecraft will begin the keynote sessions by addressing safety. As he recounts his personal tragedy while working as a worker and safety manager, Morecraft will stress the importance of safety standards and the occupational and environmental health and safety profession.

"Morecraft is truly a powerful and inspirational speaker. His talk goes to the heart of why we do and what we do it," said Levine.

Also, during the opening session attendees will get a look at real-life depiction of the SH&E field in a slide presentation by well-known photographer Earl Dotor.

Attendees are in for a "double treat," according to Levine as OSHA Administrator Charles Jeffress and NIOSH Director Linda Rosenstock take the podium on Tuesday.

"From this session we should get the perspective from our two most important partners in government," said Levine.

Levine was not sure specifically what Jeffress and Rosenstock plan to cover in their talks, but he noted that there is enough controversial, interesting and timely information that is sure to be of interest to attendees.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. rounds out the three area approach Wednesday by talking about the environment.

"I have seen the video tape of his talk. He is very interesting and informative. What he has to say is very important," said Levine.

This year's conference is four days instead of five like previous years. Levine said this decision was made because of the lack of attendance at the Friday session in past conference years.

"Making the conference four days and offering sessions in the evening on Wednesday allows attendees to go to more of the sessions and it is also more cost effective for them as well," said Levine.

Need another reason to come to AIHCE 2000? How about this year's conference hosting city -- Orlando.

"Orlando is the No. 1 tourist destination in the country," said Levine. "Families will have plenty to do while attendees work real hard."

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